Strains I’ll be 👀 for in 2021!

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Here are some strains that really impressed me from the site this yr. I really hope to see any of these in no particular order. 🤞🏼

3 Bears OG
Triple Choc Chip
Amherst or any Sour D..(can’t wait to try Sour Joker)
Juicy Fruit


  • 3 Bears OG looked awesome! Definitely on the lookout for that one. Agree with Triple Chocolate Chip as well.
    Dutch Treat
    Sunset Sherbert

  • Blue cheese, blue dream, and northern lights

  • Long story short-
    I was going through my notebook that I journal in, and keep track of the different strains I've tried.

    One from 2017 that I'd love to have my hands on again is Jedi Kush!
    Parents are SFV OG & Death Star.
    It's an awesome 100% indica with a clear headed high, and ultimate body relaxation!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 Yes please im all for any 100% indicas

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    I'm an indica gal, myself, or a good 50/50 hybrid during the day.
    I like the strains that make my eyes close, and my mouth smile. 😆
    I HIGHly recommend Jedi Kush in any form! I was fortunate to have the flower almost 4 yrs ago.

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    If the 2 zips of Jager I have coming pans out to be like the ‘19/‘20 batches, I got only 3 indoor wishes really:

    *Hindu Kush, one of my holy grails and a Jager parent 👍
    *Blackberry Kush, my herbal melatonin
    *Romulan, a recent 2-zip sub that’s A+++

    *Pinch hitter: TCC

    Really like to see some live resin offerings too.

    TBH tho I really need to burn off a good deal of my current stash before I try to buy more of anything 😩

  • More Purple Kush, AFK, and Forbidden Fruit: the three purplest strains of the past year.

  • AFK, totally agree. There are probably more ... But, the very top of my "must-buy" list looks something like:

    Ice Cream Cake
    Sunset sherbet / gelatos/ other GSCs
    AFK / other purps strains
    GSC X OG (this combination is GODLY; See also: Triple Chocolate Chip, Dinafem Cookies Auto, etc )

  • Yep, the outdoor Purple Kush is exceptional as is the outdoor Biscotti. No one’s mentioned it, but it’s moved to the top of my favs list! Other exceptional offerings that I hope to see again this year are Sunset Sherbet, Gelato, Royal Kush, Grape Ape, Frankenstein, Ice Cream Cake, and I’d love to get some more Donkey Butter...the surprise hit of my summer!

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    All these strains sound awesome! just had a j of Tripple Scoop Gelato..anyone remember that one? Couldn’t finish half of it of those that makes you feel tipsy. Aroma and flavor very unique

  • Has anyone tried the guava or absinthe? I've never seen these on the site before, orders of both are on the way and I cannot wait to try them.

  • I would love to see some more ATF, haven’t seen that in a while

  • @907ak420 i got an 1/8th of the guava. Very nice light shading of color. Subtle but guavish aroma. The high is not overpowering but has a unique uplift to it..I’m glad I grabbed some.

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    Was def wondering about the Guava. I typically like strains there isn't much information for lol.

  • Do si dos from loud was a great one in my books...def one of the best I have had from here.

  • Thanks superman38NC, it's a waiting game now and at the mercy of USPS.

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