MedJane premium kurupt moonrocks

Any possibility of you guys restocking this @medboy @medman idk how to tag medjane in it


  • From what we've heard they are just not available but we'll pass on the request.

  • I keep pulling out an old stash and I still have questions about the perfume smell of the peach "waft it toward your nose" it's way too strong. Also kurupts moon rocks come in so many strains and flavors why just the peach ? Just confused and wondering. 😎

  • Grabbing some of this while I can. Never had Moonrocks of any kind.

  • For 115 @OzBaxter thats a steep price

  • @MoonMan5 bro trust me best on site

  • @Zackarrry what u mean bro beans lol

  • @OzBaxter @Zackarrry I don't know man. Moonrocks haven't been well received here. Until more positive reviews are posted, I'd be cautious.

  • I'll post pics and a review when I get them

  • @OzBaxter there was a thread on here about those particular moonrocks and apparently ( never had them myself) they were well liked and sought after

  • It's probably just me but I found them to be on the perfumery side lol. Just the scent wafting from the bag smells like a bottle of perfume. I also am puzzled by the packaging?? While in Denver I have had the opportunity to see kurupts and sample some of the full line. I would love to see it here,the raspberry rocks the high and taste are the tits. I guess all it would take me to commit again would be to receive what is pictured and have more variety to kurupt me.

  • @MNTDWLER What's up with the packaging? What do you mean? Just curious.

  • @OzBaxter kurupts moon rocks come in very distinctive packaging as pictured on mj's board. What I recieved was a 1/4 oz in plain packaging. I just wonder why anyone would repackage a product that would sell it's self if in the original form. I would start small if you try them I'll admit I never tried the peach out west but there was a definite difference in the high the smell and the overall quality.

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    @MNTDWLER Ah right on, thanks. Maybe they had to split up the pack? Just guessing.
    Yeah I won’t jump in balls-out, but will definitely sample to start.
    I assume a normal glass bowl will do the job

  • Exactly buy in bulk and split in own packaging. Mine didn't have any peach perfume smell mine was white as the outside and black as bell soaked with oil on the inside. Bur s for a long time. You'd find these at a dispensary. And they're only on board for literally minutes I got me some yesterday tried to buy another and was out. And thays a little over 30 a g which isn't bad at all for moonrocks. But if you guys are skeptical still good more for me lololo @MoonMan5 yo bro I was saying that they were way better than louds and med mama's but if you could grab some next time do it you can only buy 3.5 at a time it's the only option lol if I could I'd send you a gram buddy

  • Sorry these damn touch screens and big thumbs don't mix I promise I'm not illiterate hahahah

  • For those who had questions about those Peach Cobbler Moonrocks, only advice I can give you is when you see them available you better get em while you can because they will be gone as fast as lighting. I saw some on the site yesterday and decided to get some today, now they’re gone. Lol

  • @Zackarrry I never said you couldn't buy more..I said what I recieved, I'll place more than one order within a day at times lol. I stand by my previous statement and you can have them..over priced and under powered I'll make my own and stick with concentrates .

  • @MNTDWLER I was just stating my opinion saying mine didn't have any peach perfume flavor. I didn't say one thing about you. Your not the only one who've said that about the peach perfume smell. All I was stating that mine didn't do maybe they changed something up. I swear you guys on here take things easy to personal. I'm sorry I'll keep my opinions to myself and let you "cannabis experts" give your one side opinion on things.

    Hope you have a great day buddy

  • ....I like weed.

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    @Zackarrry didn't Didn't intend to dump,just me having a bad day. Kurupts do come in larger packages just not here. I would like to see this in all their glory on the board. I in no way was I belittling your opinion. I enjoy your post my friend. By the way what color is the snow where you live?? LOL my rocks were kinda tan. 😁

  • @MNTDWLER πŸ˜‘πŸ˜πŸ˜”

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  • The moonrocks I got in the past also has the perfume taste and smell. I haven't even smoked any of it except for twice, the first time, and the second to confirm the perfume flavor and taste.

    My smoke buddies won't even smoke it because of the flavor and odor.

    Going to try thin slicing it and see if that helps, unless anyone knows of a way to pull the perfume scent and flavor out of it.

    It does do the job though.

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