Prem lavender

Looking 🔥 anybody had this before



  • Or anybody had the huckleberry kush diamnods

  • Lavender is a great indica, very relaxing, but clear headed, and usually has a soft texture.
    At least, the times I've had it have been this way.

  • Oooh I’m tempted sounds amazing. Torn between ice cream cake GG4 and lavender. Never had any of them before

  • Very tempted but still waiting on loops and gmo for lengthy compare and contrast experiments and with gf losing 2nd job not best time for grabbing more than can use so need to try tell myself no lol

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    Added an 1/8th of Lavender to my GG4 order. Looks delicious 😋

    @Reshi if you haven’t tried GG4 I highly recommend.

  • gotta recommend the Ice Cream Cake. lol. i'm sure they're all outstanding, tbh, but that ice cream cake i know for a fact is extremely, extremely good.

    the lavender looks good but i'd either go GG4 or ICC. (honestly i would actually try to somehow get all 3. :lol: )

  • The fruitloops flew off the site in no time. I hope I got my order in good for the fruit loops!

  • @superman38NC @v32Finish I’m going to get into trouble but bought all three. Now just have to tell myself to stop reading this forum and watching the board! Yeah, that’s not likely to happen either 😂

  • @ reshi I tell myself that constantly but I ended up splitting a half of dolato with lavender last night it’s like I look at the menu and can’t help myself but I haven’t had either of these two and have heard good things about them

  • @Reshi LOL! Sounds like someone else I know -- Me. Haha. Well, I can't speak for the lavender but it LOOKS insane... Old-school dutch genetics.. probably fire... But the Dolato and the ice cream cake are literally 2 of my top 5.

    I never buy very much at a time.. usually eighths or 1/4s, or if it's a banger I'll go up to a 1/2.

    For the Dolato and the Ice Cream Cake, I squeezed out a zip of both (much to my wife's joy :) lol) . Can't recommend em both enough . But man, that GMO and blackberry from Mama looks crazy. Hope those stick around for a while ...

    Anyways. I'm happy for you !! I know you're gonna love em. Keep us posted of course !!

  • Awesome guys! I knew I couldn’t go wrong with any of them and I’m so lucky to be able to get all 3 to try.

    Salmon River has quickly rose to the top of my list though! Never heard it it before now and I’m learning that I like a good indica and it’s helped my anxiety and pain so much that I’m exploring other indica leaning hybrids. Thanks so much for this forum and group! Much love to all! 💕

  • Salmon River also made it on to my "must buy" list. if it comes around again i'm gonna pick up a 1/2. fantastic strain!!!

  • I had some of the greenhouse Lavender from Med Mama a while back. Def in my top 10 strains of all time. Literally smells and tastes like lavender. Smooth taste and pretty little purple hairs throughout. Highly recommended.

  • Anyone recieved this batch yet?

  • I’ll have to check out the genetics for Salmon River, Frankenstein, and Dolato bc I’m really loving the effects even compared to the recent Jager order I received. Nothing wrong with Jager don’t get me wrong it’s just how I seem to respond a little better to the others I’ve had so far. I never had real access to weed before that actually had a label on it other than “weed”. Sorry to not give a proper shout out to whoever may have shared this link before on the forum, but access to the genetics and child strains is so helpful to me. Just wish it was updated with more strains but I keep hitting the request new strain to be added. Haha they will get sick of me I’m sure.

    More testing and sampling is required and that’s the most fun 🤓

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    If you liked the Dolato, you'll probably like all the other gelato's and GSC's. those have been my go-to .. seems my preferred terp profile (gas with a bit of fruit, complex aromas, sweet, and dank) seems to OFTEN align with the girlscout cookies & all its billions of crosses. So, definitely would recommend Dosidos, Gelato 33 and 41, animal cookies/gmo, triple chocolate chip, sunset sherb, etc.

    Not sure about the frankensteins lineage, but the Salmon River is a pre-98 Bubba Kush cross to 'Blue Heron', which i'm unfamiliar with . (believe it may be an oldskool blueberry cross, didn't read too far). so, for those, I think you would probably like the main kushes-- Master Kush, Hindu Kush, Bubba, etc. they all have that kind of earthy, dark-chocolate, hashy vibe. (this is, of course, very over-simplified and i have found that with these in particular, they are even MORE 'batch' dependent than usual! lots of nuances in these strains). sometimes they get along with me, but sometimes i just reach past em.

    anyways, hope this helps!! i'm about to smoke my first bowl of the day, some of the premium Animal Mintz from loud. (this has also become an instant top-tier strain for me; it's by far the dankest/ loudest smelling bud that i have. i honestly think my neighbors might be able to smell it- and i'm smoking inside. lol) would definitely add this to the list for anyone who hasn't tried it. Suuuuper super dank.

  • @v32Finish hey man thanks for taking the time to comment. Very helpful info and I’m thinking you’re on to something! 😍

    Enjoy the animal mintz and the rest of your night! Sounds amazing!

  • @v32Finish great info. Will have to try animal mintz after I work my way through the bud's I have landing this week.

  • I'll be honest. The Dolato isn't anything special to me, but they're not all home runs. I go to Fruit Loops and Jager before the Dolato nearing bed time.

  • @Sixwaychili same on the donato, not sure if the pre roll is premium or regular dolato but it's definitely good just nothing out the ordinary for me personally, however I had some strawberry lemonade that was an absolute banger for me that someone else didn't care for so subjective like a lot of things I suppose. I do concur with @v32Finish that the primo animal mintz is top tier and wouldn't mind comparing a different batch of AM to see

  • @Derege Appreciate the pic!

  • @Sixwaychili i can totally see how some ppl would think that. this most recent batch is also not "quite" up to par with the previous batches, either.. but yeah. to me it's still really good; i don't know how to describe it other than 'feel-good' ... i might have to smoke 2 bowls, instead of 1, but when i "get there" with Dolato, it gives me that perma-grin and a kind of .. acute sense of well-being; to the point where my wife even made a comment that it was my "happy weed" . haha .. but i also totally agree; everything is subjective and i think everyone has their own terp profiles that give them that special fuzzy feeling .

    anyone who feels that way, more power to ya! no hate here. for posterity's sake, tho, i would also recommend.... on the Dolato, upping your dose . Esp. if you have a wicked tolerance. if I smoke 1 bowl of the animal mintz, i am GOOD. (maybe less). if i smoke 1 bowl of the Dolato and stop right there, its not gonna get me there. i guess what i'm saying is, at least give it a shot by getting totally ripped on it- starting from sober, and only with that strain.

    again, this is no guarantee of jack shit, just bc its one of my faves doesn't mean it's gonna work the same for everyone, but i just wanted to add in this lil note just bc i kinda know exactly what you're talkin about. (i actually put my Dolato jar back in my toolbox and i haven't smoked it for about 5 days or so.. just trying to mess with that strain-specific tolerance)

    @Derege thanks for the pic brother! looks nice!! hope its treating you well. how does it smoke? sorry if you posted that info elsewhere, i can't remember (or didnt see it).

    either way, i'm just really glad that i found this place. very humbled and grateful for this plant, & this place is a game-changer for those of us still wrapped up in the Joke that is Prohibition-Land and sending ppl to prison for possessing a benign, beneficial plant.


  • @v32Finish I'll definitely give it a try by smoking 2 bowls of Dolato another night. Today has been a Pineapple Express bowl/2 Sour D bowls/1 Fruit Loops bowl night. heh

  • Yeah know what you mean on the strain specific tolerance and been tryna bounce around from one form to another and play around with strains in that type to try keep from getting more tolerant of something particular. I do the same thing with ecig flavors to avoid what's known as "vape tongue" where get used to certain flavor and sense of taste becomes muted @v32Finish

  • The aroma on this Lavender is very berry chapstick. Smells gooood and hits💥!

  • hell yeah!! i totally get what you were saying tho... dang, that sounds like a wicked combination. i really enjoy kinda.. stringing 3-4 strains together like that ; i've had some really wicked combos

    @Vapedad78 yeah this idea isn't new (altho i had never heard about it with e-cigs/vapes!) ... i always kinda subconsciously 'knew' it was a thing, just from .. ya know.. getting large quantities and having it happen in the past. @Sixwaychili was one of the first ones who I saw speak about it here (i think w.the fruitloops); ever since then i've been more aware of it.

    for me, i don't typically have to worry about it unless i get more than a 1/2, which is not SUPER unusual for me, but i do tend to order less than that. i would say probably 40% eighths, 40% quarters, and 20% halves and/or zips. or something like that. so it's really only my favorite strains that i have to worry about , and it's pretty easy to just tuck the jar away... (the longer i tuck it away, the better it is when i come back to it!)

    @superman38NC great description... another one i have been looking at , but i don't think i'm gonna do it

  • That poc of lavender on this thread looks nothing like on the site glad I went with Kimbo

  • I would be disappointed if I got that lavender and had to pay premium price. It looks like it hermed out a little .they need to use up to date photos on strains instead of stock photos from a previous batch. Just my opinion

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    Here are some pics of the Lavender I got from Loud this week. I’d letting it sit with a boveda pack to plump back up but I’m really enjoying what I’ve had so far!
    E82-CAA5-E-EF37-49-F7-A09-F-5-AA2-CAB5-AED6 FDC2-F063-038-F-4-A82-B35-D-7-F34693364-CD D76089-AD-6759-41-FE-9449-5-D3-DF7-E8-B017

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