Packages lost, then found!

I had two packages that were “lost in limbo” since January 5 and January 11. On med boys advice I filled out the where is my package form and lo and behold, two days later both packages arrived in my town‘s distribution center, and may be here tomorrow or the next day. I’ve never had to wait this long for a package, but this is totally USPS’s fault. Thanks for the advice @medboy it worked! Woooohoooo!


  • I use the missing mail/find my package all the time. Soon as I see the package is late, I fill it out, within a couple days, it’s moving again. Works all the time.

  • I’m going to have to do that again!

  • Does the missing mail option work for people who have no tracking number or shipping label created?

  • @Stab_Snipers no that's why it's a good ideal if everyone got a tracking number and didn't have to rely on informed delivery. At least people with no label on informed could file that missing mail option. Js.

  • Medboy sent the tracking number for me to put in a request. @Kayla

  • @Delaware420 that was nice of him.did they send you a replacement or did they want you to try that first?

  • I tried that first, and didn’t need a replacement bc it is tracking and should be here today. I’ll update after it arrives. But I have gotten replacements sent in the past when a package did go missing in July.

  • Glad its working out for you. I would be scared to fill out one.that would seal the deal that you knew what was in so glad mm and mb dont make you sign for anything. Maybe they do if they want you to file a missing pack request. Little risky. Any opinions out there? Do you think safe?

  • I wasn’t nervous. I wrote unknown for contents and unknown for return address. No signing required.

  • That's cool if it let's you do it that way.

  • It does. And they both just arrived, no issues at all 🙂

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