GG4 from loud

Has anyone got there gg#4 from louds last weeks batch if so share a pic and review please!



  • Ugh so pissed I couldn’t get this one! Every time something showed up on menu I was buying, there was no way to justify that too, lol. I don’t remember which one it was I bought a few months back, indoor or outdoor gg4 and it was delicious. I bet the premium is going to be FIRE, enjoy @Kayla, let me know how it is!!

  • I will! hopefully it got honored. I've never got to try any GG#4 hope its all the rave.I just hope its actually premium grade and very sticky icky. @Rubygirl816

  • I ordered some as well!! I’m hoping it’s bomb 💣

  • @icdeadpeople what day did you order? Do you have a label created or what's going on with yours

  • This one is gonna be Awesome, can't wait...Ordered on the 27th and still no label.

  • I ordered on Wednesday I have a label created but that’s it so far @Kayla

  • @icdeadpeople that's the same day I ordered before noon.i have a label and that's did say label made on fri then sat now it says it was made the 31st.that crap is

  • The GG#4 I got a few weeks back was gold. Potent but mild on the throat. It was so sticky I could grind a bud and still mold into a shape with my fingers. The icky. Glue is not my normal bake so it was a nice change.

  • The GG#4 AND PINEAPPLE EXPRESS indoor was subpar and should've been outdoor. The P.E. had a grassy hay smell to it. Bit the gorilla glue#4 was strong smell but mild effects. Girst time I a long time thats happened. But hey you can't win all of them

  • I'm still working on the zip I got after xmass and it's far from subpar it's 🔥far.

  • @MNTDWLER Ditto. I only smoke a bit of it on weekends XD

  • @Zackarrry yeah the last indoor I got was not very strong

  • I also got the last indoor GG4 and Pineapple Express. The PE was not what I expected but it’s growing on me. Really does have a subtle pineapple flavor, but I found it had a lot of premature seeds. No biggie. The GG4 was definitely better quality imo. Very sticky when ground, easy on the lungs, and great effects for me. I will say the strongest/best batch off GG4 was a mama premium last yr. It was strong and I ❤️‘D the effects. Hoping this round off premium GG4 from Loud will be equivalent.

    @Zackarrry if you want something strong try the IG Kush from a couple freebies and 2 diff days/sessions gave me the most intense high I’ve had in a while.

  • Ice cream cake is strong . But MAN I really was bummed to miss that gg4 from loud: I could tell its gonna be amazing. Y'all who got it, enjoy...

  • I ordered the day it was posted to the board and asked for a spilt between that and the lavender. My package is scheduled to arrive Thursday, just over a week from order date. Hoping I get to try it! 🤩

  • @Reshi I ordered the gg4 Wednesday morning and mine still sitting in pre ship from @LoudnCo I haven't a clue why it's not been shipped. Maybe he is way behind on orders and not taken it to the post office!

  • @Kayla & @Reshi I too ordered GG4 on Wednesday (27th) & ID says Thursday (4th)

  • I grabbed GG4 when it posted and I'm still waiting on a label.  I thought the last indoor from loud was good.  This batch of premium looks excellent.  Loud had a batch last year that was textbook quality.

  • @ChunksEggo8187 what day does it say your label was created?

  • @ChunksEggo8187 mine too! but hasn't updated from there

  • @Kayla loud has stated repeatedly, he always gets orders dropped off in 1-2 days tops... Anything beyond that, is the post office .

    I would not trust the scans from USPS, they are definitely not accurate. So... no, I don't think Loud is so behind he's not getting things to the post office . . I know how it goes, but you'll get your package ! Frustrating when it takes a long ass time to pop up.

  • @Kayla i wouldn't trust ID. I've gotten packs delivered in pre-shipment status.

  • It's cool I know it will come .I was just wondering about others in the Same situation

  • I agree - the packages don’t seem to be moving only bc the post office doesn’t always scan scan them on time or sometimes at all. Rest assured they are on the way! Hopefully you all get yours soon too.

    Can’t wait to rip open the box like the lil monster that I am and partake in all the goodies nature and Loud have to offer! 🤤 maybe if I check the mailbox more often it will make it show up quicker LOL

  • Didn't expect this today, arrival of GG4. Can't puff now but just thought I'd share a pic.
    Dense frosty nugs, but muted smell, which is kind of disappointing for being this strain.

  • @ChunksEggo8187 mine is supposed to be here finally started showing movement. Damn that's some pretty buds.congrats

  • @ChunksEggo8187

    Look at those snow covered nugs! 😱

  • @MigraineWarrior79 my exact thought too! Just lovely! Hope it tastes just as good!

  • So that's what that's supposed to look like!

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