Huckleberry Kush 💎

I just ordered a little 2gs of it to try it out. Never had any diamonds from loud but I'm sure their pretty 🔥. Has anyone tried them yet? If not I will post a review ASAP when they get here.

What's the best concentrates right now. I mean the most potent on the site. No matter which one it comes from
Loud,med mamma, or medical Jane. I need some concentrate that will literally have me couchlocked and eliminate my pain. Flower isn't helping at all anymore.

Thanks Guys and Much Love to Everyone In This Amazing Community Forum We Have Here.



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    I would talk to either @MNTDWLER or @MoonMan5 or @Rubygirl816

    I don't do much in the way of concentrates lately, i go in phases, but if it were ME who were asking the same question you are... those are the people i would go to. (actually there's even more people than that whose opinion i trust on here.. regarding concentrates or in general.. now that i think about it! call that the first 3 who popped in my head :) )

  • I tried these last time they were up and i liked them for the price as far as the strongest concentrate deff medmama diamonds or terp sauce when its up bro beans

  • Thanks @v32Finish i like ur opinions as well

  • @MoonMan5 i just came to post on here the pics of the add ons I received from Loud and seen the comments up above 😊, perfect timing. I got a half of London Pound Cake and half of Ice Cream cake. The ICC is more of a shatter consistency and the LPC is more a waxy material. BOTH are great. I just took a couple toke of the LPC and I’m having a hard time finishing this now, it’s really good, hubby just said the same to me. You won’t go wrong with either, just depends what consistency you like.

  • This is the LPC

  • The Ice Cream Cake

  • High have a great head high, feeling good and going to find a movie to chill with now. I’m waiting on the Hindu Kush now. Just got label today from medmama so hopefully sometime this week I will let you know how it is @MoonMan5

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    Thanks so much @Rubygirl816 your my bestie lol i ordered strawberry kush so ill keep u updated on how that is i really wish i could meet ppl like u @MigraineWarrior79 @v32Finish and others yall are awsome but what one was better @Rubygirl816 i got label today as well

  • Yes I have been eyeing that strawberry kush! I enjoy talking to all of you here!! We’d probably get along real well, if we could hang, bunch of stoners comparing bud! So both are labels will probably ship tomorrow or today, depends when you read this lol.

  • Get a room! 😂😂😂 Just kidding

  • Love some huckleberry eliquid so might have to find a way to try this, weird I think my consistency was the opposite on those 2 trates @Rubygirl816 when I had them

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    @MoonMan5 @Rubygirl816

    I wish I could meet yall too along with @MNTDWLER and @v32Finish and a bunch of others

    One day in the future!

  • Yes they should move today for sure @Rubygirl816 mine hasnt yet but oh it willll lol i hope the strawberry kush is true to its origins but the hindu sounded good

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    @MigraineWarrior79 @Vapedad78 @v32Finish @Rubygirl816 @MoonMan5 One fine day that will be when we all sit down with a drink and a joint. I have so many things landing in my box this next week, I'll be busy unwrapping to get high.

  • @MNTDWLER yes i believe we all will if rules ever permit us to lol and what u got coming

  • @Vapedad78 whats ur stuff like lately bro

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    @MoonMan5 Biscotti, purple kush, sunset sherbert, kimbo kush and alien bubba .plus a couple of grams of hindu kush shatter just because.

  • Everything I've gotten been great lately, the ICC shatter coulda been little better mighta had small butane pocket didn't get completely purged but other than that waiting on some refills atm, a huge sesh would be killer there'd definitely be an amazing variety lol, hope everyone doing well with everything going on, stay medicated forum folk

  • totally agree with... all of the above!! i have taken a serious pause on ordering, but i'm stacked up at least. we'll see what makes it til friday... I NEED to order a vape refill bc i know it would make my days ALOT better some days at work; i never vape at work anymore but i used to and boy what a difference-maker on those stressful days...

    been meaning to pick one up for about 1-2 months, but every time I'm about to.. the flower, man, I just can't help myself. lol. how am I gonna spend my only available $100 on vapes, when there's flower like that?

    hehe. anyway. one day, we will all look back at prohibition and laugh.... hopefully we can all chief one together when that day comes! someday!!!

  • @Rubygirl816 did ur package start moving and hey did u see loud put up discount vapes

  • @v32Finish right, yeah I'd shied away from the refills cause loss most a cart one time tryna transfer from new cart with blown coil to an empty and didn't work well lol. Now that I tested them and had no issues had to try some more but I hear ya on the flower, some ones I wanna try assness some I wanna get more of but can't have it all lol. That'll be a glorious day bro singing no worries

  • @MoonMan5 no package didn’t start moving, which is very unusual with medmama. Usually goes out the day after label is made! And no didn’t see the vapes, will look now, thanks! I’m trying to behave and stay off here, as you can see, no will power at all, lol

  • Lol same here @Rubygirl816 it calls my name lol if urs moves give me a shout

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    @Rubygirl816 hey sry did urs start moving yet lol sorry to ask im just watching it hope it moves lol

  • @MoonMan5 nope too early still, I won’t see it until later tonight, if in fact, it starts moving tonight. I will let you know later, when I check

  • Thanks so much dear @Rubygirl816 mine either appreciate u letting me know

  • My package on the way, delivery for Monday @MoonMan5

  • @Rubygirl816 i hope mine is ok then its still in preship since the label was made the 1st i ordered saturday label monday was that how urs was ty for letting me know

  • Exactly the same @MoonMan5 ordered Saturday, label made Monday.

  • @Rubygirl816 hmmm maybe mine is next up or its on its way to being lost lol ughhh

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