Medmama's OD Orange 🍊

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Does anyone know which way this strain leans?
@medmama @medboy

Found this on allbud


  • I've had this in real life and it was a hybrid leaning sativa for me

  • @MoonMan5

    Thank ya, fam! πŸ˜πŸ’šπŸ’¨

  • I may be totally off, but I have found anything with Orange in it's name is more Sativa.

  • Your right @Rockafire it was sativa more 4 me

  • Props to ma, ticket Sunday night late and giving grand daddy purp a try out a fresh ceramic sprk, pretty tasty maybe not as in your face potent as the SS but still digging the nice encompassing mellow vibe very relaxing

  • Great choice I think @Vapedad78! Get your munchies ready in advance! Lol

  • Yeah was nice, I ended up hitting one or 2 other strains as well, but seemed a very nice mellow effect but then crept up and got stronger feeling of head in clouds and relaxation

  • Funny @Vapedad78 i was all gung ho to make french toast and the more time went on the difficult it became. LOL Creeper one for sure. But yet I prevailed! Yay me!

    I still always go back to one of my top favorites, Frank. Hope they bring that one back so I can get more. In the meantime I’m savoring ☺️

  • 🀣

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    @medmama I think we're still interested to know what Orange this is...
    Could this be Orange Kush one of my fav desert strain, 50% Hybrid offers super citrussy flavor with good mellow high??

  • I dont think medmama ever gets on here tbh

  • i dont think so either @MoonMan5 :lol:

  • I think I'm gonna take one for the team on this one when I get paid this week. Curiosity got me!

    Typically, if I get a strain that doesn't work for me I gift it to my Pop, so no worries here.

    Report coming soon!

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