Indoor Orange kush cake

Anybody try this yet! If so thoughts?


  • Ordered it, along with a split with Jupiter. Maybe it will arrive this week.

  • Ordered Thursday, with Rhino. Hoping for this weekend. Arctic storms aren't helping much..

  • Went rhino and requested split with Jupiter and missed rhino last go so really interested to see these and reviews for one yall snagging I couldn't they all sound great hard to choose

  • It's not been a good time for reviews lately. Shipping delays take the zing out of them a bit. Got so tired of waiting to hear someone mention Jupiter, I went and ordered some! Scary to buy something without knowing the parentage but I trust Loud's growers.

  • I should get my split of this and White Rhino soon 🤞🏼

  • I guess the weather is making things slow down @georgetirebiter. First time in a long time I have package “arriving late” was supposed to be here today.

  • My godzulla glue and ddave concentrate mod and mega adapter mod was suppose to be in today
    But the dreaded arriving late showed up

  • @Rubygirl816 Me too! Massive pileup on the 405. Which is terrible but not necessarily germane to my situation because I live in Ohio...I rediscovered the Taj Mahal today.

    In other news: Indoor Orange Kush Cake has been joined by other fun stuff...@Loud going to their specialty...Master Kush is back! Fun! Maybe the chill is ending...

  • Maybe twice I've had a pack get here in 5days! 21 to 31 days is not late for me, that's kinda normal for every order. I've kinda learned to make an order weekly so that I have a steady supply of medmans best. Waiting up to a month for some good bud can be rough sometimes, rough enough to brave the roads and check the local "homies" to get some over priced dimebag.

  • Wow, nice. Thanks for the pic / review(s).

    Appreciate it! I find that I tend to avoid orange strains , but I know there are some good ones out there. I like the gassy/dank/citrus orange sometimes. I have found that I don't care much for the really SUPER orangey ones where it literally smells like a glass.of orange juice. While I think it's impressive that those terps exist, I've had bud like this several times and just don't care

    I like that dank, fruity,.pungent-ness. but not straight orange juice.

  • edited February 23

    An amazing sativa-dom strain. It has a Girl Scout Cookie and diesel/gas flavor with just a hint of Orange. Perfectly cured buds. Site pic and description are dead on I'd say. 8/10.

  • Cant wait to get mine in a month from now

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