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To all of my brothers and sisters, in this time of unprecedented cold ice and snow. Please stay warm, stay high and prepare to hunker down for the duration of these killer storms. All of my best wishes in these deadly ,stormy days.
Dweller 🍀🤲💚❤


  • I'm hoping the snow raises the temp enough to help thaw my pipes lol

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    @Essy0522 Great outlook 👍💚💚🍀

  • Been without power since 1:30 this morning. Texas can't handle this cold! Got the fireplace going and hubby is getting the generator cranked up. Brrrrr!

  • We were supposed to get started last night but only got a dusting that I already shoveled 😆

    The front slowed down I guess. We’re gonna get slammed in OhighO starting around 3pm. If it pans out like they say this will be the most snow we’ve had in about a decade. Like to say I’m excited for up to a foot of mother nature’s finest yayo, but after growing up in the Lake Erie snowbelt - I’m really not 😩

    Show us dem brrrrr pix!

  • I was just talking about that with my daughter @funkynugz. We haven't had a storm like this in OH for so long...but it's looking like we're going to get slammed! I shoveled that dusting this morning as well, but I'm not looking forward to shoveling what we're likely to wake up to tomorrow...Ugh☹️. I'm tired already.

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    @TheProfessor Oh but for a hundred miles, I'd be in the same boat or under 3in of ice . I'm not looking forward to anymore this winter, but I know there's more on the way.

  • Austin is shut down today because of the snow. I was told it doesn’t snow in Texas, but this will be our 2nd day with snow this year.

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    @TheProfessor now they downgraded us in middle-state to 3-6” for this wave. We started at 12” 🙄 But yeah the radar does not lie. We’re getting wet someway or another. Just walked the pup and I can feel it in the air. Another one like it later this week. Sigh. Tired is definitely the right word.

    Looks like a fukin rabbit puking over the southeast, tornados in FL

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    As I said a hundred miles or less. I'm wishing you all a safe week and a warm place to sleep. The Dweller 💚

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    Hunkered down with the wife for the evening! Everybody stay safe, warm, and medicated!

  • Little ice from the sky for SE coastal Georgia.

  • I should've kept my mouth shut, everything is ice. Nothing moving on the mnt except really fast on the way down. @TheProfessor my favorite radio station was WMMS home of the buzzard. Dr Demento show kept me grounded lol. I could only get MMS on certain nights when the conditions were just right. Stay medicated my friend and don't throw your back out shoving. 🐾💚🍀

  • Dug the wife’s vehicle out early so she could get to work then went back to bed. Now I have one half of the driveway done and it’s time for a medication break, warm up a little, then I’ll go back out and finish up. We ended up with about 6”, but it’s the heavy kind.😕
    Loved The Dr. Demento Show! least during the 70s before I joined the military @MNTDWLER! Stay safe my friend!

  • Been without power or cell service since about 2am .. not this morning, night before .

    We tried to weather nthe storm, but our gas fireplace is too sketchy man.. hasn't been used in 39 yrs or some such... I couldn't bring myself to trust it.

    Then, our garage was frozen shut. Let's just say I accidentally fucked.up the garage pretty severely, but it was either that, or be trapped and freeze to death... So glad wife has family.nearby that somehow still has.power. I feel really bad for ppl who just don't have anybody, or no cars , etc.

    Hoping nobody legit froze to death in their houses but I guarantee we will see some of that on the news.

    Everyone stay safe!!!


  • Well snow was kind of a bust for us. A nice pile of beach sand-like granules but nothing close to the inchage they were screaming. Still in L2 Emergency whatever that means.

    Ah well shoveling looks like it’ll be much easier.

    @MNTDWLER I had a PT job at WMMS back in the late 70s. My mum worked with one of their DJs (Len “Boom Boom” Goldberg) at an ad agency so I played gopher for a summer. The allegiance my friends and I had to this AOR progressive rock station was fierce. Can’t say how many times I fell asleep most Saturday nights to the 2am playing of Funkadelic’s Maggot Brain by the late night jock BFS Bash. And those World Series of Rock summer blowouts at the old stadium. Sigh. Man I’m really fucking old 😂

  • @funkynugz I hear ya , some of my shoes are old enough to have grandkids lol. One obscure band that comes to mind is Herman Brood And His Wild romance. At that time I was lucky on clear cold nights to pick up stations like WMMS "where the buzzards return to Hinkley " Around here unless you were somehow able to find it, even bands like GEORGE CLINTON in his many forms were almost impossible to find. The term Cleveland Rocks couldn't be more true my friend. It sounds like a great time in your life, i would've given anything to be a fly on the wall back then. 🐾💨💚🍀

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    Hehehe. You would have seen some crazy AF stuff my friend. I was a teenage nightmare 👹 Oh the stories I could tell.

    Well shut my mouth, I forgot how unbelievably heavy beach-sand snow can be. Nearly 2 hours shoveling today. I’m too old for this shit, no wonder old people move to Florida. I need a fresh spliff and a fuckin nap! 🥶

  • Yep, I live 50 mi south of what once was the Mistake on the Lake and it took me twice as long to shovel out yesterday. About 4 inches of soft snow under a 1 inch thick crust from the frozen rain that fell too. Plus it never helps when you're the first house on the block and when the plow comes through it leaves another 4 inches of slush at the end of your driveway. More on the way Thursday. Thank goodness for meds...

  • And home delivery :)

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