What the hell did I order?

Waiting on USPS and really have no idea what I have coming. I really need to start placing orders earlier in the day. I know I have some flowers and concentrate but can't remember how much of each or strains. Anyone else have this issue from time to time or is it just me?
Well....hopefully I ordered more jager. A few months ago I placed a late night order and I screwed up and ordered a half of 1:1 CBD strain. Just hoping I didn't make the same mistake on this one.


  • Oh gosh.. lol that would suck! Hope you get something good. Lol

  • Every day brings many fun surprises ๐ŸŽ

  • I need to screen shot some of this stuff. How the hell did I end up with a second half zip of Triple Scoop???

  • I write down what I order on my bedroom calendar that way I don't forget, plus I screen shot my orders in case info is needed tracking down my order due to issues if it should arise.

  • I screen capture the strain info/pics to keep track over time ๐Ÿ‘

  • It's always fun heading to the mailbox wondering what might be lurking....

  • I've wondered the same thing being very stoned. Five orders in and placing sixth one, trying to figure out what the hell did I order. Then my stoned ass would remember that i did screenshots on my orders.๐Ÿคฃ

  • I wish the payment confirmation email included the strains and amounts. But I guess it's for security reasons. I normally take screenshots of my order before placing but forget from time to time.

  • I would caution against taking screen shots. Even if you delete, there's an enormous probability it's on a server somewhere....

  • @Thatguy I keep a session journal ,it's great for a laugh. Most importantly it keeps up with my daily high's, low's and weed expenditures. Did I mention that it's also good for the occasional chuckle. Also i enjoy seeing what I was smoking a year ago and how much it took to get me medicated. Otherwise I'd forget what, how much "premium, indoor or outdoor"at least once a month . What can I say I'm old and I smoke a lot of bud lol. Yeah I forget shit so what. ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ€

  • Using caution should be done everywhere, probably even here...@treesplz


    Looking back starting in July when I began here, I've smoked 26-28 different strains.
    It's pretty cool to keep track like that, and scratch them off the "bucketlist" hehe

  • I keep a Notepad up on my PC and when I place an order, I write down date/strain/size and then copy/paste the site description below each one, so that I can later compare actual effects vs advertised effects. Gives me a better idea of the ones I need to order again.

  • I used to keep track of stuff.

  • I feel for ya. I have an order coming in and I don't remember what it is. It's like a surprise party or something when going to the mailbox.

  • I like the session journal idea. I might give that one a try. TBH though, I would probably only do one or two and then stop (not good at keeping up with things like that....hell I do good just to keep up with meds and my phone reminds me every morning). At it stands now my only record is a bunch of crossed out stains written on top of my mason jars. When empty I cross out the old and write the new strain on top. I really start keeping better notes:-)

  • Yeah.. I take a screenshot of it's a large order, just to have record of my notes (if I put no sub, etc).

    But usually , I just go with the flow . Haven't run into many issues... But I will admit to having an order or 2 showing up where I couldn't remember what it was :lol:

  • I think I'll just keep ordering stuff. Nothing is arriving lately, but the menu just keeps bringing new promises of fulfillment...it would be a crime not to order Loud's Master Kush, for example, if you haven't already. (Assuming you like that sort of strain.)

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