TKO vape feels under dosed.

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I ordered a TKO grape Diesel and I really think both carts are dosed very low. My wife and I both take several hits and we don’t feel anything.. I use vapes a lot, this one literally does nothing. Has anyone had the same? I’m hope the supplier takes care of the issue and offers some kind of reimbursement.


  • I don't know man I got mine on Tuesday and I'm quite pleased. Pretty much all I do is vape meds so I think I can say I would definitely buy more. It was the grape diesel as well. Odd.

  • Ya I am not feeling anything.

  • We dig them a lot more than the refills, we got grape diesel and strawnana and I'm happy as can be with both

  • I haven't had any other complaints about any of the vape carts. I've had some positive feedback (always welcomed btw!), but this is the only one like this. I did just email you back. -MB

  • I'm smoking grape diesal at work right now it doesn't disappoint

  • @Pxpxp Some peoples tolerance are just different. I had ordered the elevated extracts, for my very first order, from mm, and was REALLY disappointed. Not a buzz, nothing, for both me and my husband. Others liked them. I thought it could have been we were just used to getting them from a dispensary, which are much much stronger. Again, to each is own. If you can, try mamas refills, they are great. Again, not like dispensary, but they do the job. Don’t be hesitant about filling your own, it’s very easy! There’s a couple posts in the forum about filling your own carts. Sounds like you and your wife, have the same tolerance as me and my hubby. Thanks for posting as I was hesitating to buy them.

  • Thanks for the reply.. I want to tell you that this company has fixed the issue and have taken care of me. It is not uncommon for a vape to be lower dosed, but this company is truly showing great customer service.

    It was odd that my vape was not giving me any high. I recently order a Pineapple Express from same supplier and it has been amazing! One hit, and I feel amazing. So this is no dig on the supplier- they are awesome. But maybe one cart had a little less- no biggy- it happens

    Thanks everyone and thank you MM for giving great customer services.

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    All I do is vape the grape diesel is what I got. I'm very happy. I've tried distillates from all 3 distributors and Med Mama and Loud have been great wasn't a fan of the BB gum distillate from Med Jane but it was just fine. Hey Med- Man always delivers! That shit Rocks! Thanks

  • Yep mm has the best customer service! I had a package get lost in transit a couple months back and they replaced it with no issue! I honestly don’t know what I’d be doing for meds right now if I hadn’t found this site! Have a great weekend mm family!

  • MedMan Always Delivers Always!!!

  • Yes! They really took care of me. Great company.

  • I bought the half gram carts the suck terps taste awsome but no THC at all ! I sucked on those things like a baby on nipple but no satisfaction all! still have 2 or 3 left over useless!! 100 dollars wasted

  • Cudos to MM they always deliver you my not get what order but you get good medicine they just need to work on there vapes an edibles! To deluted guys are getting product thats just trash should not be passed on to consumers!

  • @Pxpxp i felt the same way about the TKO carts. I thought maybe it was my tolerance.

  • ouch i just ordered some tko carts on sale hope I am not disappointed

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    Which flavor tko carts are under dosed? Just the grape diesel?

  • Noticed the TKO vapes are now sold as not actual TKO. reg TKO have a S/N u can look up. hope these are just out the back door past the pot cops.

  • The tko vapes has ways been prefilled by @LoudnCo and idk why they're saying underdosed bc I have a high tolerance and loved the grape diesal I actually re ordered a sample 4 pack @medboy said its not a permanent price change so take advantage while you can

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