Anyone else give in?

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The new menu is pretty tempting.

I failed in multiple areas today, and the day is still young. New shrooms? Are you kidding me? Need a zip of that.

Golden Pineapple indoor looks insane and Guava Kush sounds delicious. Alien Bubba? Missed you once, will not miss you again. DONE.

But wait...

My shopping cart's got Biscotti, Salami, Lemon Crasher/Orange split for outdoor...Mendo Breath indoor...Oh My God Premiums...

Two orders in a day is stupid, right?

Pause...Georgetirebiter, you do not need to prepare for armageddon.

Yet. Breathe.

Incidentally the Greenhouse Purple Marmalade looks to be exceptional. It arrived today with Blue Dream which is exceptional. Smooth and fun as hell to smoke. Best flavor of any Blue Dream I've had.


  • Oh man if I had the budget I’d get an 8th of all 30 strains LOL

  • Not yet...but it’s an exceptional menu. The Goo is back again! So many great strains!

  • Man still on look out for the rhino and refills but dammit think gonna have to check out another flour type or 2 while I'm Lil ahead on coinage

  • I saw the afgooey came back.. thought of you, @georgetirebiter !

    I buckled and bought two separate 8ths in the last week or 10 days that i said i wasn't going to spend until march... first, I couldn't resist on the premium Wedding Cake from Loud (shoutout to @Rubygirl816 :sunglasses: ) -- i am familiar specifically with this grower, and know this grower to have grown the very best bud I've ever received from this site, so i'm always on the lookout for that ..

    and then, i saw that premium purple punch from medmama and ordered an 8th of that, too. i don't think i've EVER seen a picture on this site, that was as frosty/impressive as that. the last time i bought based on the pic, it was the Alien Fire Kush , which quickly became a top-tier strain for me..

    anyways. we'll see what happens. but i had to at least answer the title question, "Did you give in?"

    Yes, this week, I did. :)

  • @Vapedad78 Did u miss the rhino that was up a couple days ago?

  • Raises hand. Indoor Breath Works and Mendo Breath for me.

  • @agingasian i'm assuming since breathworks which was from loud that the Mendo Breath you got was from loud also?

    nice selections.. i remember someone posting that the Breathworks was good.. and i've been wanting to try mendo breath for a long time . would love if u posted up a review when you get em!!

  • @Indicas no meant waiting on some of it and refills which I had made ticket few days previous to rhino and today requested split of strawNana and the master which haven't had any but came close to afgooey and golden pineapple

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    Just looked at the menu 👀 ..I’m still waiting on 2 diff orders. Is cannabis hoarding a disorder? So far I have Biscotti, Salami OG, and Lemon Crasher outdoor from mama ( all A+)..really wanted Alien Bubba and missed it last time. Between Black Jack and Alien Bubba what would you pick? Thx anyone

  • @superman38NC haven't had the alien Bubba, but the Black Jack is delicious. Looked like indoor bud.

  • I got outdoor crazy with @medmama bc I got great bud at great prices. Biscotti, Ghost Og, Alien Bubba Kush, Skywalker, OG Kush, n just received Black Jack few days ago. Black Jack smells like a piss...i got zip n it wreaks n great anytime bud. Buds are nice. Alien bubba is great. It can have a creep but its a winner. Personally I wud get Black Jack. Just saying both are great. I just gave in on @LoudnCo Master Kush. I love buzz of OG kush. I want to see indoor master kush. Love good indica. But of ur choices I say Black J
    Just opinion. Have good nite

  • I missed Purple Kush. But got outdoor OG Kush n soon enough Master Kush. I kno it will b great from @LoudnCo . Jaeger they did nice. N it was outdoor. But obviously @medmama is good too. Have u had Master kush ? @superman38NC

  • Thx! @ChunksEggo8187 & @Lou_lew. There is so much on the menu..will probably go for the banana punch and a 1/4 of some outdoor..didn’t realize Zookies was on there too!

    I have tried Master Kush. 2 batches from this site..1st I really liked. Had a great balanced high..2nd batch was very sedating. Let me know what you think?

  • I am stocked pretty good on guava and Skywalker og, but I couldn't resist getting the afghani goo and Godzilla glue.

  • @superman38NC No doubt bro. Didn't you also order the deadhead og & golden pineapple? That's what I'm waiting on.

  • I'm going to try the Mystery Outdoor. Sold on the "dark shade of purp" line in the description. Also going to try some of the Biscotti, which I see from reliable sources is probably a good replacement for my Lava Cake. Hoping to get splits with Lemon Crasher and Salami, just for something different.

    This is my third order in three days.

    I have a problem.

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