Purple Punch

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Just want to say.....while it's not quite as "grapey" as granddaddy purple.....it's very smooth. No cough. ...and the punch has more to do with a fist in the face than something you drink at a reception...


  • yeah. very solid. smooth, decently potent, great* bag appeal.

    was very happy with this batch of purple punch! glad i got to try it, and that it was a worthy batch!

    i can see why so many breeders like to cross with it.

  • @Good2Go I whole hearted agree with the granddaddy purple grape vibe being not as strong. But she is a sweet indulgence for sure just as smooth on the exhale as the inhale. I'm definitely a fan of anything purple @v32Finish there've been a miss here and there but not as many as a lot of other strains. 💚

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    Just a pic I think PP packs a solid body blow while delivering a unfocused high that's very behind your eyes flat out Stoned feeling. Thanks@Good2Go dead on with your dead on review.

  • Dang. My PP from mama a while back didn’t look nearly as good. But IMHO the quality bar looks to have really been raised for all vendors in 2021.

  • @funkynugz this batch is 🔥 without a doubt. It hits heavy & fast with that sweet indica high. I got this on a sub and couldn't be happier and I agree both Loud and medmama are supplying us with the highest quality med's and I'm extremely grateful.

  • The money I left behind in my Coin purse has grown to be almost enough for a zip of outdoor!

    Please don’t let the devil on my shoulder know 🤫

  • Dear Satan,

    Party @funkynugz house!


  • 🤣 double my money just isn’t enough.
    all I can say is go coin go!

  • Yeah these PP buds are little works of art. I need to order more.

  • This batch is really special with a sweet berry inhale that turns into a explosion of grape and floral over tones. This is a wonderous example of what a little seed and a master grower can do. I know i already commented on this flower but if any flower deserves another look it's this one. To all of you lovers of a truly unique and wonderous indica this is it..This bud hits hard and fast with a laid back couch locked put on some music mute the t.v. slap your mamma high...☺️😏😌😴💤

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    I appreciate everyone's reviews. I think I need to try some of this batch for sleep. Cant 💤 with insomnia, like most..
    It's been about a year since great Purple Punch. Last batch I tried had zero effect. I'm trying to have faith..

  • Zip ordered. Need sleep.

  • 8/10 great medicine. Before this site, I stayed away from Purple Punch. The bud looks like menu pic but I'll post a picture soon. White, purple, & orange are the highlights. Not as sticky but gorgeous. It helped with providing great calm so that I could sleep well and wake up refreshed.

  • Good stuff. I got this as my sub instead of the SS I ordered. Pretty stuff and smooth smoke. After my first bowl, I'm rocked. Not sure what planet I'm on, but it's nice here.

  • Really glad it provided some relief @MizterNiceGuy . I know what it's like to stare at the ceiling and curse the clock.

  • @MNTDWLER hoping for the Purple Punch to work it's magic now. I may use a Purple Punch/Bear OG shatter mixture with a bong soon.

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