Does anyone vaporize other herbs?

Other than cannabis, do you vape herbs? Lavender came as a freebie in a vape set I ordered once, so I suppose people vape that. And it makes sense. Anyone know of any other vaping substrates? Always wondered about psilocybin mushrooms, but I'm not curious enough to try it.


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    Waste of shroomage. Not recommended.

    I’ve vaped mint leaves. They’re significantly better if mixed with a little PCP (angel dust) though 🤯

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    I have asthma and did a bit of research on herbs that help your lungs. I can manage my asthma by vaping mullein leaf. There are other herbs that help as well, but mullein is the best. I also got marshmallow root, passion flower, marjoram, spearment, lungwort, damiana leaf and mugwort. They're nice to vape on occasion and I come up with interesting blends. I spent about $100 at and have enough for the rest of my life. I probably didn't need 4-8 ounces of each.

    It really does tame my asthma when it's bad. That's good because I hate taking any medication whatsoever. My rescue inhaler makes me completely dependent on a rescue inhaler when I get one every 6 months. I just use it constantly until it's gone.

    You might be interested in mugwort, as it has mild psychoactive characteristics and induces vivid dreams. In fact, just putting some under your pillow while you sleep works too. I have noticed this effect when I tried it.

    Damiana leaf is the main "smoking" herb. It'll be the base for just about any natural herb vape blend that people use in place of smoking tobacco.

    Really though, you can vape pretty much any herb. Just google what you want to accomplish and you'll get suggestions. I googled "vaping herbs for lung health" and there is a ton of information. From there, it's just experimentation. But don't do what I did and buy that much. My girlfriend is still annoyed at all the room these herbs are taking up in the pantry. haha

  • Does the mullein help open up the air sacs? Wondering if it would help copd.

  • @funkynugz It definitely will to some extent. It's not like a rescue inhaler effective, but it does improve and it won't hurt you in other ways. Like all the steroid drugs hurt your immune system for example. I even fill capsules with mullein and eat them.

  • Right on. I sometimes have some breathing issues. Mostly in really humid or really dry environments. My dad got asthmatic later in his life and he didn’t torture his airbags a fraction of what I have over the years. I’ll read up in it. Thx.

  • One of my other tricks is a bowl of water as hot as I can stand with a few drops of peppermint Dr. Bronners castille soap. Stick my face in the bowl with a towel over my head and just breathe in the steam.

  • Eucalyptus essential oil used in that same method @Sixwaychili will actually loosen up the phlegm so you can expel it. There are many blends for respiratory issues you can find on line. This is particularly helpful after a cold when you want get rid of the resdidual crap in your sinuses and lungs. The steam is soothing as well. Had asthma due to seasonal allergies where I used to live and found this to be very helpful.

  • I’ve steamed before but will need to add the Bronners I have on hand actually and give it a go. Old sinuses suck.

  • @Sixwaychili Dr Bonner's has been a staple in my household since the 70's great recommend also works great on aphids.

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    It's almost like people have been using these herbs for thousands of years! So many uses.

    @Sixwaychili Thanks for those ideas. I have mullein and damiana lying around but I have never vaped them. Muir puama, too, the Brazilian bark. I'm experimenting with psilocybin tea blends, and many of the same herbs keep coming up.

    It's interesting you mention asthma. I have cystic fibrosis. Other CFers talk about their nebulizers. I vape Cannabis sativa all day and I like my medicine better. Vaping salt water? Sheesh, bring a book. I'm 49. If you know anything about CF, I'm either doing something right or I'm extraordinarily lucky. If you don't know anything about CF, we die in adulthood, not Old Age adulthood. I'm actually beyond my expiration date.

    @bluedreamer Your information about eucalyptus oil is also appreciated. Expectorants have been a staple of my medicine cabinet since I left home at 19. It is only recently that I know why, genetically, and also that natural ones work better than the ones in stores. I've been using slippery elm (red elm, grows throughout eastern deciduous forests) bark, in addition to some of the others mentioned in these comments.

    Dr. Bronner's was mentioned: You have never experienced menthol chest rubs until you've used that shit. Wow. The peppermint is good stuff, too, but that little tin of chest rub medicine is a rare gem of ancient wisdom.

    @funkynugz I suspect COPD has overlaps with CF, regardless of cause, we probably end up with similar effects. When my chest situation gets out of control, I mix in CBD herb with my regular cannabis. It serves as a de-facto tolerance break, too. I use Abacus, a licorice-smelling and tasting purple flower. I'm convinced there's something uniquely healing about these purple CBD varieties.

  • @georgetirebiter I believe its the proanthrocyanins that give the purple color to not only cannabis but blueberries and other dark varieties of fruits and veggies. They are highly antioxidative and good for eyes especially. Its great on the eyes to stare at some of those purple varieties as well. Lol. I wish for you many more years of good health.

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    @bluedreamer It's interesting that you bring this up. For reasons that are not completely understood*, I cannot eat very many foods. Specifically, zero fermentable sugars. This excludes most vegetable matter. And fruits, of course, would be the worst--most highly fermentable--of all. I haven't eaten a piece of fruit since 2008.

    Today, I get my calories from meat and cream, exclusively. Other than beef, my go-to proteins are white fish and chicken.

    I'm basically vaping and tea-drinking my phytonutrients.

    *Short answer is small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

  • @georgetirebiter Interesting is good way to put it. I too have not eaten sugar or any sweeteners save for stevia since 2015. I have some sort of auto immune disease process that I believe is due to Roundup exposure. Long story short as well, after 2 dermatologists, 2 allergists and 2 naturopaths Ive been on a strict antiinflammatory diet. I call it the no fun diet but it worked. All my intestinal issues got markedly better and it also got the terrible itchy skin rashes under control. My main problem is my immune system has reeked havoc on my intestines as well and has altered my absorbtion process. More undergrowth than overgrowth. I take a few supplements as well. Mainly a probiotic, B vitamins, tumeric and vitamin D. My main proteins are fish, chicken and turkey. Grass fed beef is permissable. Other plant proteins allowed except for soy and peanuts. No dairy, I eat eggs organic only. Rice, quinoa, millet are the grains I eat as gluten and corn are no nos. Fruits are out except for lemons, limes and grapefruit. Almost all veggies are good except for tomatoes, potatoes, and other nightshades. Pretty strict but like I said , it worked for me. Dont think I would go back to eating like I did before this all went down about 6 years ago.

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    @bluedreamer Have you had a test for Celiac sprue? I know I have at least one Celiac gene. Unfortunately, you cannot go to a doctor and ask for the test, and not all alleles (gene variants) are known or understood. Many doctors don't believe in Celiac and the test is not covered by most insurances. No one knows how to order it, basically, and this is as true today (as of August 2020) as it was in 2008 when I found perhaps the only doctor in central Ohio who knew how to order the test (an integrative medicine specialist).

    Luckily, 23 and Me will tell you whether you have Celiac alleles, as part of their standard service. They tell you about your cystic fibrosis alleles, too, if you have any.

    Here's the thing: Celiac sprue causes Cystic Fibrosis*. Two homozygous recessive alleles cause it, too; that's how we write about it in textbooks. If you've taken biology you know the example. Carriers don't show symptoms, that's the story. Only it's not true. Not 100%.

    This is totally not the forum for this, or it shouldn't be, but I've told this story to a handful of doctors and PhD.s. No one disagrees. About a month ago I read an obituary of the director of Europe's Celiac disease institute, Luigi Maiuri. His life's work was demonstrating what I just summarized for you, about the connection between Celiac and CF.

    The connection between Celiac and CF has been known since the 1930s, from the work of Dorothy Anderson. I recently met with three of the top CF experts in central Ohio (August, 2020). Two of the three doctors--these are doctors at Nationwide Children's Hospital, 6th Floor, Cystic Fibrosis wing...I say this to make clear that this is documented...)--had never heard of either Dorothy Anderson or Luigi Maiuri. The third doctor acknowledged the research and tried to cast shade on it in a way that, frankly, I did not follow.

    The scenario by which inflammation causes its problems is very interesting and it's something I am just now getting around to writing about. It's the most important topic of my life because these inflammation mechanisms are relevant to everything from CF to narcolepsy. And all the digestive illnesses in the civilized world.** That said, the cause is of no concern to any medical professional I've met. Neither is the solution, frankly. No one believes that simply changing your diet is a therapy, not really.

    Well @bluedreamer and I believe it.

    How many others?

    *Technically it triggers CF syndromes, but functionally it's the same thing.

    **lf so, it's my claim, that inflammation*** causes cancer and that the "cure" for cancer is preventing it by reducing inflammation.

    ***The term inflammation needs to be defined for any of this to make sense. Short version: We're talking about the immune response that goes after antigens, foreign proteins. Low levels of inflammation are _necessary_.

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    Sorry for that last overly long post.

    For the privilege of being told I'm an idiot, Nationwide Children's hospital has billed me over $3,000. And they ordered (or lost?) my test results. I will have to sue them to find out what happened to the $1,600 cystic fibrosis sequencing test and to stop the collections calls. The "consultation" cost $1,200 and consisted of a standard medical history, in addition to being told that I'm dim.

  • That's crazy the stuff that isn't covered, my mom had something to do with her cancer where they could've tried an alternative treatment but fucking insurance didn't want to pay for the test never mind the treatment, so what the hell was she paying that ridiculously high premium for if they got no desire to try and actually resolve people's issues

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    So I quit insurance @Vapedad78. The reason for that is what you mentioned. I was paying for insurance that bought me nothing. So I quit.

    My experience with Nationwide was not unusual. Ohio Health is equally bad and they're all part of the same electronic records system. Nice to know that when you go see any doctor in central Ohio, that doctor can instantly see the notes of every other doctor who has judged you as a nut. Doesn't mean they can find your test results, but...

  • Yeah that's pretty messed up sucks you have to deal with that, had a Dr that thought I was exaggerating level of pain I was experiencing, but thankfully ended up finally seeing something that proved it so he apologized and changed notes in file accordingly

  • @georgetirebiter. Yes only lab tests though which were negative. Conclusive evidence is usually through colonoscopy which I have been averse to having. I am in the medical field and can relate to how patients become essentially numbers in a system and how the human part has gone to the wayside. The front line workers are the ones responsible for the quality work the administration likes to brag about and market. Enough rant... Thanks for insightful response. Youve touched on many subjects that I could delve further with you about but as you said this forum is not for this subject matter. Anyway. off to bigger and better things like another biscotti hit. Ha!

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    @bluedreamer Which lab test was negative? A gliadin test will return negative if you are gluten free. All it proves is that you're really gluten-free. (I promise I will let it go after don't even need to respond here...enjoy the Biscotti!)

  • @georgetirebiter I wasnt gluten free totally at the time and blood tests said I had no antibodies for all the things I would react to. Since there was nothing that showed allergy which led me to believe it was still something in the food I was eating I was reacting to. Further research link particular foods with growing practices and herbicides etc etc which leads me to a naturopath that has dealt with these issues in a number of people. I follow the diet, I feel good. I use to cheat but the week of pain and recovery became not worth the short pleasure that half a doughnut gave. I dont cheat anymore, push the rules where I can but am pretty strict for the most part. Ive gone from eating what I like to liking what I eat. Was and still is a hard transistion.

  • @bluedreamer Got it.

    I had dreams about eating bread for years. Over it now, though. Thankfully! Give me two flank steaks a day and I don't care. Two sticks of butter. That's it. Simple.

  • I gotta figure out something, going for gastrointestinal scope I think soon but tums and Prevacid aren't cutting it, quite cigs and soda but can't kick cheese, bread. tomato sauce, Buffalo sauce lol

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    **lf so, it's my claim, that inflammation*** causes cancer and that the "cure" for cancer is preventing it by reducing inflammation.

    @georgetirebiter Amen! Imagine if the trillions of dollars spent on cancer research actually produced something useful in preventing cancer. Or even mentioned it anywhere in public a single time. I've always said that prevention is way more effective than treatment, but then again, there's no money in that. So now we know that there is absolutely nothing about the medical/big pharma industries that want anyone to do anything but spend obscene amounts of money to stay alive. They definitely don't want anyone to take their health into their own hands. They probably work hand in hand with corporations which cause massive amounts of cancer while the government and mainstream $cience covers it up for them.

    It's kind of like how not one time did I hear on the news a single way that one can increase the effectiveness of their immune system over the last year of 99 billion minutes spent on television talking about COVID-19. Everyone dying has a severely compromised immune system, so why not? It's because they really do not care. And those who do care and speak out, get suppressed and/or their careers ended because they're considered the dangerous crazy whackos. People should realize that if you take one prescription of antibiotics or some kind of steroid, your immune system is close to destroyed for up to a year. It kills all the good gut bacteria too, which is most of your immune system.

    But yeah, keep taking your pills for the rest of your life that have never been tested long term while they refuse to do proper studies on herbs and natural products because they can't be patented. They do spend tons of money and exercise their power in suppressing them though. A big part of why cannabis is/was illegal for so long is big pharma. Along with mushrooms so that people couldn't treat PTSD and depression by microdosing psilocybin.

    This is one of those subjects that I "saw" because of LSD and/or mushrooms. I now have the permanent super power of seeing through bullshit that everyone else accepts as real. Western medicine is terrible. It's based on money and keeping people sick for life. Not health.

    And by the way, I'm also 49!

  • @Sixwaychili I agree with most of what you say. I disagree with this, though: "People should realize that if you take one prescription of antibiotics or some kind of steroid, your immune system is close to destroyed for up to a year. It kills all the good gut bacteria too, which is most of your immune system." With respect to antibiotics, they're a very important medication for me.

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    @Vapedad78 Quitting soda's big. It has to be one step at a time. I did not wake up one day and start eating this way. First step was to go gluten free. Then it was soy free. Then eliminating fermentable sugars. And there were middle steps and false starts, remissions...the key thing is not to abandon the quest for answers. There's never just one answer, right? (EDIT: Ok, math problems, yes, but not essential questions...)

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    I use apple cider vinegar (Dr. Bragg's unfiltered with the mother) when I have heartburn. Most heartburn is actually caused by having not enough acid in their stomach.

    Watch this video for more info. I just found it now, but it basically lines up with what I believe. He does a much better job explaining it. I didn't have bad heartburn like that guy and didn't do what he did. I just drink a shot glass of ACV and water 50/50 mix whenever I get it.

    I will say that if you google this, you will get a lot of very biased results that just point towards taking expensive drugs since nothing else works because the internet is censored so much.

    The guy really hits it out of the park though if you watch it to the end.

  • Interesting I'll check it out, thanks for the info @Sixwaychili as much as I don't really like vinegar at this point bout willing to try anything

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