I have been buying from this site for three years or so now and for the most part have always had pretty good luck with the product and when I didn’t they always took care of it. I do have to say though the past few orders I have had the quality of the product is far from good. My last order which I received a week or two ago is so dry I don’t even have to chop it I can break it up With my fingers. The quality of some of this product isn’t it as good as the descriptions says it is. I recently ordered some more of the outdoor light-dep ChemScout as I really liked it and have bought around 4 ounces or so of it. I don’t know what they sent me but that wasn’t it. Doesn’t look like it , doesn’t smell like it and doesn’t get you high like it. Whatever it is I don’t like it. BUT For all that 99.9% of my orders have been good and I appreciate what they do to make it available to the people that may not be able to purchase otherwise. They are an awesome bunch of people with good hearts and I thank them.


  • Good info, I'm sure they will try to make it up to you.

  • I recently ordered 4-1gram vape cartridges. And acouple days later I received a .5 gram vape with a note saying that the cartridges were short a tenth per cartridges. I would have never known. That is the definition of integrity. What a great bunch. Keep up the good work.

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    I agree with you that they have worked hard and have a good name. However, over the last 3 years I never had a problem and if I said something about a product not being right they would give a $10 credit. I would much rather have a good 1/2 of what I ordered than $10 and something I won’t smoke.
    The Hindu Cush and the Tahoe are just sitting here. I don’t know what to do with this oz of crap. The blueberry with the white coating is nothing like that when you get it. I’ll smoke a bowl and it tastes great all the way through. I don’t smoke it to ashes though and it will give you a 5-10 min buzz.
    Please let us know what strains are fire.

  • Sand002 - I am hearing what you are saying about your bad experience and sorry for that. We are in a tricky position of having a product that has a lot of variations and different interactions with people. I have had bud on here that I have loved and it hasn't done anything for a friend. Our general policy is to report all negative reviews to shippers. If we see a pattern and multiple people are complaining about a particular batch then we pull it and offer full compensation to those affected. However if we sell a particular strain to a hundred people and get one complaint, we are guessing it is not the bud, but the person and for whatever reason it isn't doing it for them but everyone else seems fine with. What to do? If we were to suddenly start handing out full refunds every time someone complained people that would make people take advantage of us very quickly (you would not believe how many people try to get free product out of us in clever ways). Do know that we try our best to offer only quality product and we do take complaints seriously. Thanks! -mm

  • Wanted to have my Premium bud order rolled into joints like the Indoor/Outdoor Joints with the glass filter included too. Can this be done for an additional cost and specified in the order comments if I mirror my request to the Indoor/Outdoor Joint order specifications? Thanks @medman and @medboy !

  • Good question. That's not something the shipper offers right now but I'll ask if they want to start.

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