The Foolishness of Psilocybin

From the NY Times:

"It would be foolish to posit psilocybin-assisted therapy as an answer to all that ails our society, or even our mental health system."

Consider me a fool then.


  • "There is evidence that terror-filled trips can cause lingering trauma or even trigger psychosis or suicide in rare cases."

    NY Times Writer: Cite your source, please.

  • Obviously hasnt tried them @georgetirebiter

  • I think the writer alludes to an experience that he or she had. But you're right @bluedreamer that this is not a regular user of psilocybin. The article does get some things right, and it's important to gain mainstream support, I suppose. But there is no regulating this. If you can cultivate your medicine in a closet, it cannot be controlled.

    It cannot be controlled.

  • Precisely..and shouldn't be either.

  • NY Times has big pharmas big cock in its ass. They're click n shit bait at this point.

  • I agree with you @MikeyC , to be honest, wouldn’t wipe my ass with that paper

  • Most newspapers I feel like that about. No more actually getting the news, all propaganda

  • I believe everything I read😀

  • Free Press what free press I musta missed something 🤔

  • If you’ve ever had a bad trip that shit does stick with you. I quit all things with hallucinogens in them after a bad one. That was 20 years ago and I still wouldn’t touch any of it. I’m not saying there couldn’t be medical uses for it but you can’t just dismiss that there are major issues with it being readily available to joe blow.

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    @snookalo While I don't dismiss concerns of psychological damage, I do reject them without actual evidence. Even an honest anecdote counts. Two things, though. First is that a bad trip in itself doesn't constitute actual damage. We have bad trips all the time without chemicals.

    And second, what I'm talking about when I talk about psychedelic medicine is this: psilocybin mushrooms. Not LSD-25, nor anything from a laboratory. Nothing against those medicines, but they're on a different scale/quantity/proportion. Shouldn't even be compared.

    Thank you for bringing that up.

  • How do you measure said damage? Seems to be a difficult thing to quantify.

  • My personal experience came after many hallucinogens though. Even went the jimson weed route, which I advise no one to do. My last trip was just a couple mushrooms that I immediately regretted eating, and this was after a year of being totally off of anything like that. I sat outside, by myself, wishing it would end.

  • Yes, it would be a difficult thing to quantify @snookalo. I'm still looking for one person who experienced damage, though. It's a know it when you see it yardstick.

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    Another article about psychedelics. I think it will be good to have mainstream clinics for psychedelic medicine, but some people are overthinking it. I have dozens of sessions from Medicine Man every month (Thanks Med Mama!), with free talk therapy via this forum!

    The article details the plans of a clinic in the UK. Sounds great, until you get to the cost...

    A treatment course at Awakn lasts six weeks, with four drug-assisted sessions in that time. “And a follow-up session at week nine, so it’s 11 in total,” Higbed says. “It’s intensive.” Though, ultimately, they hope to work primarily with MDMA, they’re hamstrung by the current global legislation, which says the drug can be used only in an experimental setting. In the meantime, they’ll offer ketamine injections, more fast-acting than the infusion Grant received, but likely to yield similar results. It will cost “around £6,000”, Tennyson says. “Though our ultimate aim is to make it available on the NHS, to help as many people as possible.”

  • I used to believe everything I read...

    until lsd and pscilocybin.

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    @snookalo I did have a bad trip that made me quit for 25 years and it did stick with me. But it also helped me greatly. It was not traumatic when it was over, even though I thought (I knew) I was going to die or that I already was dead and in hell forever. When it ended, I no longer feared death but not in a "I don't care if I live or die" kind of way. I'm just ok with death being a part of life, unlike many if not most people.

    That was on 3 hits of lsd and probably 1/4 oz of shrooms though after being up for 3 days on crystal meth. Not recommended. I probably was close to death.

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    "It would be foolish to posit SSRI-assisted therapy as an answer to all that ails our society, or even our mental health system."


    Let's talk about SSRI related deaths and injuries. Let's talk about the complete lack of long term safety studies of people taking them for years. Let's talk to cops and ask them about car accidents caused by people on SSRIs. When I was on them for 6 months, I totaled two cars because I forgot I was driving. Common occurrence.

    Imagine that the people in power actually cared about your health and not only about money.

    Imagine a health care system that rewarded people for keeping people healthy rather than making them forever dependent on going to the doctor and taking an endless amount of expensive and harmful drugs. The only people who rise to the top of this industry are the ones who Make The Most Money For The Shareholders. Not the ones doing great things for people.

    Funny that they only care about safety when there are natural plants involved which cannot be patented.

  • I’ve been on them a long time. And rightfully so. But I understand. I may be an anomaly.

  • If u ate Jimsom seeds, that’s prob the bad trip😂

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