Cheetoh Breath

Oohh this one is so nice! Smell wise, probably the strongest I've received from this site. Such a complex aroma to it where it's hard to pinpoint what you're actually smelling. And since smell is subjective, you can find yourself smelling many things with this strain.

Buds were dense like rocks, probably due to them being vacuum sealed twice (which I appreciate). Resinous but cured perfectly. The high is fantastic! A bit of a creeper. It erased all my anxiety & put me at ease. I love strains like this. Great body high & a carefree attitude.
Also wanted to thank @medmama & crew! Speedy delivery & packed just right.

Cheetoh Breath- indoor (mama)


  • Nice!! Awesome pic! I might try some of this

  • Broke my purchase abstinence streak for a zip of this and a zip of Layer Cake just now. Them @medmama nugz look too awesome to pass up.

    10 weeks isn’t bad, right?
    I’ve been a “good old boy” 😆

  • @funkynugz 🤣
    Those are excellent choices!

  • Thanks @ChunksEggo8187 i was curious about that one as well! Looks beautiful enjoy!

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    Nice review! @ChunksEggo8187 hows that Cheetoh Breath after you’ve had it a few days..looks super dank! I’m interested with you saying it’s smells so strong..pinpoint the aroma yet? May have to order some 😎

    I also grabbed some of that Layer Cake and it’s straight ⛽️

  • Hey @superman38NC! You're right about Layer Cake...dank!
    Cheetoh Breath is great stuff in my opinion. Potent!
    I guess the best way for me to describe the aroma of this strain is that it reminds me of a well blended fragrance. One note doesn't stand out...hopefully that makes sense.
    It makes you jerk your head back, but then you stuff your nose back in. Almost like funky armpit mixed with fruit with a hint of gas. Unique...
    I had a few bucks left over in my cash app & ordered some more this morning. I usually never reorder the same strain but for me, this is a special strain.

  • Almost like funky armpit mixed with fruit with a hint of gas

    Sweaty Yeti Armpit, hoping for a Saturday miracle! 👣

  • Thx for the info! @ChunksEggo8187 i want to get some Larry OG but having a hard time deciding what to request on the split. More Layer Cake or Cheetoh or Poptart..decisions man

  • @superman38NC No doubt! I too, was gonna get some Larry OG but was thinking that it was similar to Deadhead OG. It was a toss up between Slurricane/Cheetoh/Layer Cake.

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    That’s good to know Dead Head is similar..such a great strain that DeadHead. Maybe I’ll Split Cheetoh with something..🤷🏼 Still have a decent amount of Deadhead I’m going through like a fine bottle of wine

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    Figure I’d hang a little pic and put a few words here rather than start a new post.

    The smell of this stuff is weird. Never smelled anything so vinyl-plasticky before. A little off putting but huffable once you work with it a while. The funky terps coat the tongue heavily upon exhale, fills the room with dank stank. Buzz for me with the initial bong pull was instantaneous. Another little puff and I’m there. Weight was 28.0, filled the jar to the top.

  • Appreciate the comments @funkynugz. I will say that after a week in the jar, it definitely smells more fruity to me. It still taste dank too.
    Thanks for the pic too!

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