This isn't about cannabis so much as it is about getting the munchies after consuming cannabis.

So, do you have a favorite munchie medicine? Or do you cure the munchies with whatever shows up in the fridge when you open the door? I like peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches. Just a half at a time. You put the PB and mayo on one slice of bread then fold the bread to make a sandwich taco. Brand names matter to me on this one. It is Jiff peanut butter and Hellmanns mayo.

Last night I nuked a burrito in the microwave, and added a couple shakes of ghost pepper powder on it. I am a chili head, I love the hot stuff. Ghost pepper is kind of too hot for me, yet I find myself using it again and again. Go figure.

So anyway, I didn't wash my hands before I went to sleep, and woke up with swollen eyes, and what felt like a spark of fire in one of my ears. I guess I rubbed my eyes and stuck a finger in my ear as I slept. I also have a few, small blisters around my first knuckle on 3 fingers.

Ghost peppers are fire! :grin:


  • I dig chewy candy like taffy, hot tamales, lemonheads, or mike n ike.

    Fruit has made an appearance too, as well as veggies.


    It kinda depends what my taste buds want at the time, lol.

  • Tacos or a butter burger smothered in cheese sauce never fails me. On a serious note, I think I could actually eat mexican food every day and never grow tired of it.
    Does anyone else drink from the maple syrup bottle when they need a sugar fix ? I am a savage 😂

  • @nefgreen

    I'm with you on that! I love to do homemade Mexican dishes like carnitas, fajitas, and enchiladas. I still suck at making Spanish rice, though, lol.
    Chips and salsa NEVER go out of style.

  • When you’re stoned all day how do you know if it’s the munchies or that you’re just hungry?


    Seriously tho only select strains (all sats) may get my blood sugar low enough fast enough to need a snack nowadays. And I’m not really a sat user so it’s rare.

  • @funkynugz

    You do have a point! I don't usually eat until 2-5 pm, and give myself an eating window until 7, or 8pm.

    I'm an all indica gal with the exception of a handful of sativas.

  • @nefgreen not maple syrup, but will take the jar of Carmel sauce out of the fridge and just eat spoonfuls of that! And give me Mexican food anytime, but especially when I have the munchies @MigraineWarrior79, love me some mike n Ike, Swedish fish, the sugar coated strips, can’t think of their name, they are rainbow colored 🤤. And my hubby makes some good Spanish food, for an Italian, lol. And I’m the chef in the house and can’t make it to save my life,

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    Back in the day, I have totally destroyed an entire box of Capt'n Crunch with Crunchberries at one sitting. A certain pizza place was selling a pizza called the 'bigfoot', I ate an entire one of those once.

    Except for those extremes, if I do get the munchies these days I will go for an orange or banana, something like that. If they are more intense, I will make a PB & J sandwich, or a PB & M.

    Or a burrito. :blush:

  • Little Debbies snack cakes, Hostess snack cakes, Starburst Jellybeans, Hot Tamales (the candy), Chewy SweetTart Minis are all fully stocked in my pantry and seem to get eaten more the more I smoke. Also Girl Scout cookies. Dollar General has them for a buck a box and I bought literally 25 boxes last week.

  • The weed don’t munchie me but reading about y’all’s munchies sure does. Fuk I need some Swedish Fish and scout cookies and a 👣 pizza right NOW!

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    I don't get the munchies often but I love Asian food anytime from Chinese & Korean bbq to thai and I love me some duck. Give me egg rolls or spring rolls as a late night snack with gobs of hot mustard and duck sauce. I'm not much of a sushi fan unless it's dipped in tempura batter and deep fried😁

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    @funkynugz Yeah, I snack on junk like that even when im not smoking (can easily go thru a box of those samoan Girl Scout cookies) ( When I smoke, it's a whole 'other animal. Constantly getting up to get handfuls of candy, cookies, etc.

  • @NOLA504 those Samoan cookies are the bomb! Stop & shop in NY carried a store brand that was just like them. I used to buy them all the time for me and my mom, she used to love them too.

  • I’m going to look in the dollar store next time!

  • @NOLA504 @Rubygirl816

    They have them at my store! I'm sooooo hitting it tomorrow!

  • @Rubygirl816 yeah they're legit. Does your store have the Peanut butter ones or thin mints?

    @MigraineWarrior79 Do it! Also the same brand sells the Thin Mints and Peanutbutter ones. Get them too!

  • @NOLA504 I never saw the peanut butter or the thin mint ones. I’m going to look in the dollar store next time I go! Talking about peanut butter, who likes nutter butters? They have them in double stuffed now. So good, lol

  • Nutter Butters were also a dangerous cookie that I could easily eat a sleeve of in a sitting.

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    I can't keep Nutter Butters in my house, lol because I WILL eat the entire box! So, I'll get one of those single ones at the store that way it's simi controlled. Haha

    I'm trying my best to transition back to healthy eating; this is what I brewed up tonight:

  • That looks good @MigraineWarrior79, sweet peppers or hot? I grew up eating spicy in my house.

  • @Rubygirl816

    It's sweet peppers, and it's a little spicy because I used some cayenne, lol
    Lemon juice, a touch of garlic, salt, pepper
    The green beans were sautéed in avocado oil plus salt & cracked black pepper.

  • Damn that looks really good

  • My favorite soda by Virgil's, Black Cherry Soda. Isn't that a strain of cannabis? Lol

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