Wedding Cake

Gotta give a huge shout out to Medicineman for the awesome hook up!
I’m a guy who likes to try different flavors, so I’ll pick up 4-6 different strains at a time and give them a whirl. So far, no dissatisfaction.

Today I received a special batch. I ordered some wedding cake last week Monday, and the night of I seen it was all out. Thinking I was going to get a subby instead and out 9 days since order, my package came. To my surprise it was Weddingcake. I looked at the bag and the bag appeal and tossed it on the scale. To my surprise, they hooked me up with an extra 2.7 grams 😃

I have to admit I was a little worried I wasn’t going to see this on the menu again, so I ordered as much as I could last Monday, but seen it was taken down after my order. The week long wait paid out. They always come through and never disappoint!

The smell, bag appeal and buds are amazing. If you haven’t tried and are waiting for it to hit the menu again, definitely give this strain a try.

I will post a picture of this white beauty when I get home tonight.

Stay frosty friends


  • I’m waiting on some right now. I’m thinking I may get subbed. I ordered last Wednesday. To be honest, if they sub, I would be ok with any one of the premiums they have up. I’ll let you know tomorrow if the wedding cake came in.

  • I really hope so 🤞🏻

  • They always hook up with a good sub tho. If I feel they may end up subbing, I put in the notes when I order what my 2nd & 3rd choices are, just in case.
    I hope you get some :)

  • I always put down, “if sub, any indica please” Thanks @Frogzcan Enjoy yours!!

  • @Rubygirl816 this wedding cake seems to be all the rage with everyone! Is it worth the extra coinage? Thanks hope you are well :)

  • I hope you get it too! @Rubygirl816 Thanks for the post @Frogzcan working on my 2nd J of Wedding Cake..such a smooth delicious smoke. Uplifting high that sets you down easy. Would definitely order more if it was available.

  • I will let you know @icdeadpeople, wedding cake will be here tomorrow. I had louds ice cream cake and it was definitely worth the extra. I can’t order premiums all the time, but when I have, they have been worth it. Thanks @superman38NC 🤞🏻

  • Loud is very good with subbing. I can only think of two or three times it's ever happened to me and the subs were always thoughtfully considered (and good).

  • @superman38NC its definitely worth it! I smooth crisp smoke with a great feeling of enlightenment

  • @Rubygirl816 enjoy yours as well!!!

  • I just got my wedding cake @Frogzcan, All I can say is wow!!! Thanks @LoudnCo for the xj-13 doobie you included, I’m halfway through the joint and very very stoned. Will smoke the wedding cake later this evening.

  • @Rubygirl816 Nice!!! When did you order for Loud Co.? I think we discussed somewhere else. I think we may have ordered close to same time.

    When did you order and when did it arrive? How many days? Thanks for review.

  • edited March 25

    @Bambino21 I ordered last Wednesday. Label was made Sunday, shipped Monday and arrived today. Was supposed to be tomorrow. This is the first time, in a long time, I didn’t get the dreaded “arriving late” from Loud. And medmama too last week, was fast. Maybe things will start moving along for everyone soon!! I hope

  • @Rubygirl816 Nice. I think you’re closer than me. But I ordered 18th. So just a day later. Should be any day now. Dang I’m so excited.

  • @Rubygirl816 so glad you got it.. and didn't get subbed... I just got mine; i was a little bummed out they didn't honor my split, tho (i ordered the fire cookies/wedding cake split and got only WC) .. but, hard to be upset at having a little stockpile of something this strong. definitely had good luck lately with the strains i've been getting, being very good. (purple punch by mama is also fantastic. not quite as potent, but definitely what i would classify premium)

  • i may or may not have ordered some of the Purple OG Kush the other night, a couple beers into the evening.. haha. I have been super gun-shy with Outdoor in general, after being burned a couple times, but ... a cross between OG Kush and Purple Kush? I can't believe it's still up there to be totally honest

  • Everytime I have gotten an outdoor from here it has exceeded what I thought was possible

  • @MikeyC definitely has not been my experience, but i realize there seems to be alot more ppl who agree with you , so i kinda take my experience to be somewhat of an anomaly.. that being said, it hasn't just been 1 time, either.. (just to verify it's not like i ordered OD one single time and didn't like it, and then formed an opinion.. lol)

    either which way, i think it's definitely worth trying, on a strain you really like.. hopefully it ends up being superb! definitely seen some great stuff come thru here, just in general. .

  • What I've found with this bud is a nice morning or afternoon smoke. The calming effects are perfect for my ptsd and anxiety. Along with the pain relieving body blow it's an effective medication for me. My wife finds it a little sleeper than I do but.. she still functions like a swiss watch at a poker game. I probably posted this pic already but ain't she pretty?🤤🤤

  • That is a pretty bud! @MNTDWLER

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