ID this freebie?

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So I don’t do edibles anymore but assume this green gob I got with my mama order is one. Pretty ugly, hard and unsure what the white powdery stuff is 🧐 Doesn’t appear melted - at least not during the trip from there to here.

Not complaining cuz it cost me nothing but it seems a waste sending these kind of things my way. It’s just going into the trash. (Edit: yeah I requested no freebie edibles in the notes)

Does this look like something y’all buy? I don’t see anything on the menu that looks this way.

For the record, the 2 zips of flower I only cared about were both spot on in packing, quality and delivery time. Much appreciated!


  • A Jolly Chip, maybe?

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    Heh I ruled those out because, well they don’t look quite like this one. But the menu pic is pretty small. I think you’re right. Maybe half a one? Shrug. Some landfill critter is going to be jolly 😄

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    Maybe what's left of a louds 50mg green heart gummy?? What ever it is it's seen better days lol. I recieved a jet black jolly chip once that went straight to 68 lol.

  • Was from mama so probably a jolly bit.

    White stuff must’ve been a corn starch or something to keep them from sticking together. Or it’s starting to leach. I have no fukin idea maybe I’ll boof it 😆

  • I’ve received a few suspect jolly chips in my day.

  • yea that was in my pants ! sorry!

  • Remember to empty all pockets prior to washing. You find the darndest things that way 🤣

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