Outdoor Purple OG Kush

Received this very quick shipping! Grabbed just a 1/4 but like most strains you always want more 😎 outside of the beautiful purple buds..the aroma is sweet. Reminds me of some old school strains! Sweet grape piney..yumm! Smoke is very smooth. Will keep my eye out for this again. Hit middle of the day..not overpowering..around the 3 hr mark my eyes were heavy..another great strain..2021 is definitely a better yr already!



  • Beautiful buds! Thanks for sharing 💚💨

  • Nice! Appreciate the pics & review!

  • Got mine yesterday too, along with Sweeties. No complaints, good bud, great buzz 👍

  • Funny i ordered the 1st 2 days it was on there and they subbed me some mid like crap that said TSD not even sure what its called but thats what it said this was so idk but glad yall got yours i didnt even bother to hit the contact bc ive had to often lately with mama so again im glad yall got urs i ordered. Outdoor specifically for this strain and got whatever they wanted to give me even after it stayed up for almost a week

  • Wow @superman38NC those nugz look fukn amazing! Nice score, great grapey strains always are 🔥

  • Thx everyone! Definitely enjoying it smoked or vaped. Sorry @MoonMan5 Getting subbed can be a disappointment if your wanting something specific and ordered it early. Have any pics of what you got subbed? I’ve been fortunate lately to get good subs.

    @funkynugz i really like grape/purple strains! This has a nice balance. I’m eagerly waiting for Grape Ape to come back.

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