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So NY said its fine to grow plants . Where is best site to buy seeds online ? We used to just grow seeds from stash in my day .



  • V32 says seedsman or seedsherenow. I went with seedsman. I think it takes two or three weeks as they send them to the US then the seeds get distributed.

  • Seedsman is a great choice! I’ve used Attitude Seeds on/off for several yrs too. If you pay Bitcoin you get a discount and extra seeds.

  • Domestic

    D.C. Seed Exchange
    James Bean Seed

  • Bcbuddepot. I've only used regular ( non-fem) seeds. The NL is 10/10 and if outdoors super skunk won't let you down.

  • Definitely use Seedsman and use BTC because you get a nice discount with it. I have got a good amount of seeds from there and they all germinate. DNAGenetics is phenomenal i grew an OG #18 that i got from them and it was fantastic. The shipping can take 40 days though so keep that in mind. Getting seeds faster may be harder i do not know.

  • Can't believe how expensive . I think I will give it a try . Need a new hobby . Thanks

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    @Lyn your initial costs can be pricey depending on set up. I recommend a dc fan and led grow lights. Those alone will save $$$ in the long run. Just my 2 cents.

  • Authentic clones are also available by mail...worth every penny.

  • LynLyn
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    I got seeds from seedsman now need to setup basement . I am going cheep but willing to spend a little on lights and soil . Hopefully it pays in the long run . Have to find a hobby in my later years and this should be fun . Time will tell . Thanks superman38NC will look into supplies

  • my current favorite is Neptune seedbank.. i really like Neptune and Seedsherenow.

    Seedsherenow in particular does great work for the community; if you research James Bean you'll see him donating alot to veterans and ppl imprisoned by cannabis etc etc. . so MORALLY i try to use SHN bc they support alot of growers and podcasts that i follow + community.... but i find myself at Neptune alot bc they seem to get alot of the latest, most fire genetics.

    i do think Seedsman and ILGM (amongst a host of others) are also very reputable; i just haven't used them personally.

  • also anyone starting out growing should DEFINITELY be going LED lighting instead of HID at this point (unless you live far up north and you actually need the extra heat generated by HID lighting)

  • (also hugely recommend for new growers, as well as )

  • Great info in this thread. Thank you

  • LynLyn
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    So with LED lights
    no need for fans ?

  • Imo an oscillating fan helps build strong stems/roots. Keeps air circulating. So I use one even with LED lights.

  • Yes to fans. They encourage strong stems which can support big buds.

  • So got seeds , mylar, soil and lights . Going to try lights with mylar on walls and fermented seeds in Foxfarm soil . Then have a fan to keep stems strong and going to trim . With new NY laws this is going to be a fun hobby in my later years.

  • @Lyn I plan on using fans. I’m pretty sure it prevents disease by ventilating between the leaves...fungal rot can be a problem in stagnant areas.

  • Also V32 above recommended the grow weed easy site. They show all the various potential problems with solutions. It shows photos of unhealthy plants. Nice site.

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    Do you think I'd have a smell problem living in a townhouse in a non-legal state? I have two unused bedrooms with decent sized closets. I'm in an end unit.

  • @Sixwaychili modern carbon filters eliminate almost 100% of odor.... the only consideration is making sure about your air-exchange etc. making sure you have negative pressure and that 100% of your air is going thru the filter.

    I don't think you'd have a problem at ALL for a smaller grow (under 6-8 plants maybe), even when opening the tent and smell is escaping for a few minutes... for a larger grow, you might have some more difficulty.

    air circulation is huge; most people have a solution both for circulation (2-3 oscillating fans at different levels in your tent or room) as well as an "Inline" fan which usually just exhausts the area/ pushes or pulls air thru the carbon filter.

    my last grow i only had 3 plants and i never bothered with a filter; you could smell them in my house but only once totally inside; and that was only for maybe 1-2 weeks before harvest.

    love talking grow. good luck everyone!

  • @v32Finish
    Seeds are own the way. A filter will be the next piece for me. I’ll get a good one. Thanks for all your help!

  • I got the FAST amnesia and the AUTO northern lights from seedsman.

  • What is FAST? A brand or a faster non-auto variety?

  • Another here for seedsman. I have a amnesia auto from them going right now. I have purchased from ILGM as well but seedsman has gotten my repeat business. Used to order from Rhino years back.
    I also will highly recommend LED to anyone looking for lights. I got the smallest spider farmer model and really like has full spectrum including IR light. Saw one of mr canucks grow videos and he had a dicount for 5% off.
    I think it would be pretty cool if medman was able to offer us decent seed options on here 😁

  • Not to be a pooper but the legalization bill, IIRC, says legal personal grows don’t officially begin until 2023 at the earliest. 18 months expected just for a dispensary to open. So suggest watching your sixes if you go early.

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    M.R.T.A. law signed 3/31/2021.

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    Ha, if you read that link @MizterNiceGuy, it's legal to have 3 mature plants, but illegal to possess more than 3 ounces. Hmmm, so it's both legal and illegal. Typical political nonsense so that they can selectively prosecute whoever they want.

  • _ A person who cultivates marijuana in excess of 3 ounces of marijuana is also “possessing” marijuana under current case law._

    Man I would instantly be busted before I even started growing 😆 Don’t get me wrong. I am jealous AF about this progress, my state will probably be among the last to fall. But I already hold way over that possession limit pretty much all the time nowadays so the home grow perk would be totally moot for me.

    Be great for people who keep low stash - but thing is how do you tell your plants to behave and stick to their expected limits? A single plant can yield ounces, hell I once had a romulan x chemo freak that pulled 7 zips dry in a garden shed setup.

    All boils down to enforcement. Good luck with that. Let’s be honest, it’s gonna be fukn Wild Wild West there in no time. Congrats New Yorkers!

    P.S. the link says “sometime in 2022” for personal cultivation, not 2023 as I thought.

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