Empty Carts

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I just went to stock up an my usual haunts have crazy shipping prices if there shipping at all. Through these boards I went to pckt vapor and not much selection but 3 bucks for shipping. Stock up today.


  • Oh yeah. FREESPRK gets you a free one

  • I was just looking at those yesterday and also the PCKT One Plus.

  • I use the sprk carts regularly. You can refill them a couple times, before they get funky and start clogging and such. Then I just toss them. They are cheap enough. Cheaper than anything I’ve seen around. I just bought a vessel. Been going through batteries like water. Supposed to be here tomorrow. Hopefully this one will last a bit.

  • @Sixwaychili I have the One Plus and I really like it . Awesome little device.

  • @Sixwaychili I don't know about the one plus but I have the pckt one and still find myself going back to a 510 pen battery. For some reason a 350mah 510 pen battery gives me a much better hit..but on the plus side I've charged it a hundred times and it's never let me down.

  • The Tangie colored One Plus is only $35 right now.

  • I have the one plus and the vertical, both great products. Plan on getting the newer version too. Those spark carts are great though, I use them at least two to three times with the same strain, never had clogs or any issues.

  • I've had pckt ceramic clog but think I thinned it out Lil too much when filling but overall very good experience with them, they upgraded to free chrome last time ceramic was outta stock, for free

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