Paypal for Bitcoin

I just noticed that's an option but have never heard anyone mention it here.

Anyone use Paypal for their purchases here?


  • @georgetirebiter can’t send coin via PayPal, at least not yet. So you can’t wallet it or send anything direct to another wallet. It’s buy/sell coin or buy direct from a vendor via PayPal using coin instead of cash.

  • Thanks for clarifying @funkynugz. I thought it was too good to be true.

    For now.

  • In the meantime I need a new bitcoin vendor. Xcoins blocked me because of my (incredibly and outrageously justified) chargeback.

    I have these two on my list: and kriptonet.

    I don't and won't use a mobile phone for this (so no cash app) and I won't use Coinbase or Coinmama. (Don't ask.)

    Taking other suggestions if anyone's offering! Thank you!

  • Gemini. I only use online version and my verification was maybe half an hour. Gemini also has a subreddit

  • Thanks @Fallguy! That sounds like good intel.

  • @georgetirebiter cant you use cashapp or coinbase? Just link your debit card and your on your was easy to get started maybe it will for you as well

  • Paypal does not allow sending or receiving outside the paypal ecosystem. I suggest avoiding paypal-bitcoin entirely..even for non-mm related bitcoin purchases.

  • @georgetirebiter What happened with CoinMomma? Been using them a few years with 0 issues. Just curious. I might have asked that in the past 🤐

  • @georgetirebiter hey bro better to just bite the bullet and get a cashapp for BTC purchases and transactions. You instantly get your btc when purchased and when you send it to another wallet it may take 45 seconds when I make an order her and pay its cleared blockchain and everything within 2 mins

  • I agree with @Zackarrry

  • @theunleet I exceeded Coinmama's limit. That was my first rodeo with bitcoin. I did not know there was a limit...

  • i just used blockchain to buy bitcoin and they have held my coins for 2 weeks

  • Taking a hit on all my crypto piles except Bat still up entire half a percent but lots of red past couple days

  • @clark115 careful with Lots of red flags with them! See for some details

  • thanks medman ... i think i'll have to look at kraken instead

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