Trip Report

So not sure how to even write a trip report in terms that can be easily explained, or from a perspective that non shroomers would understand. Mainly because I'm new to this myself lol.

Shroom: Psilocybe Cubensis - Golden Teacher mushrooms

Dosage: 2 quarter sized caps, 1 dime sized cap, 3 - 1.5" to 2" stems. (I didn't weigh it so not sure of the weight sorry ๐Ÿ˜ข).

The story starts off around 930 or 10 at night. I got home and decided it was early enough to take a trip whether it be a small one or a "let's go to the moon" it didn't matter to me.

So I ate my shrooms with my supper and then took two thc tinctures and vaped some distillate.

It was a kind of boring and quiet night so I got comfortable on the couch and was messing around on my phone trying to find something interesting to watch. I can always tell when they start to kick in because the colors on my phone get brighter and sharper, plus the lettering gets sharper as well.

(As I'm writing this, I should have tried to find the movie Heavy Metal, it seems like it could be an interesting one to watch, or maybe not lol).

After a while a strong body high kicked in and I felt pretty numb. I wanted to watch something entertaining so I tried to find a movie but all of them seemed boring and nothing piqued my interest that would go along with my buzz.

I ended up finding a few really good music videos that seemed to grab my body and soul. I've probably ate some shrooms maybe 8 or 9 times total but this time was the first time trying golden teachers. Also, this was the first time I felt like my body and mind were reacting to the music on a cellular level. It was pretty strange but awesome at the same time. I was in somewhat disbelief that the music was affecting me in such a way.

After a couple hours, the shrooms were still in high gear but I was having trouble keeping entertained lol, (well I was perfectly content in listening to the same songs over and over but had to find other means as to not let the shoots go to waste) so I tried to find a movie to watch but nothing seemed interesting. I played a video game but I also lost interest quickly.

I wonder if losing interest is a normal occurrence? To me, it seems to be that way, especially if it isn't mind expanding.

I saw color enhanced type visuals and saw movement out of my peripherals, but nothing too extreme. I did see a lot of circuitry, not metal circuitry, but almost clear but with defined edges.

A few times a cat was really messing with me. A good way to explain it was that it was like the ghosts on super Mario Brothers, he would look at me when I wasn't looking at him, then turn away from me when I was. He would also inch closer to me when I wasn't looking at him. Others in my house witnessed him doing that so I know I wasn't imagining it lol.

If I lied back and closed my eyes I could see even more circuit stuff. But felt really relaxed and almost like I was nothing but energy.

When the intense body buzz and numbness started to taper off, I felt like I was in a really good mood. That feeling lasted all day the next day also.

Of the other shrooms I've tried, the golden teachers were the most intense so far and there really was a kind of spiritual buzz from them. The description fits them perfectly. Sometimes I feel really heavy the next day like my body consumed a lot of energy from the trip, but not at all with these.

I know it doesn't seem like much and there was nothing really crazy that happened except for the in tuneness of body and mind to the music (hard to explain - I wasn't up dancing or grooving haha, but it's almost like you feel the music on a cellular level. Strange) but it was probably one of the best trips or experiences using shrooms so far. I'm so thankful that shrooms were added onto the site!

I still have some left so I hope I can achieve a similar effect the next time. I also have some south American cubensis to try out but that will be a little further out. The SA's have huge stems. So not sure how my dose will be, but thinking 2 full shrooms and then let it ride to see what happens.

I tried making tea a couple times but I think I was too impatient and may not have steeped them long enough.

Thanks for reading!


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    Thanks for the report. I have been sitting on a 1/4 oz of Penis Envy for a while now waiting for the right time to make some tea out of it. The very first time I ever tried a mushroom, I found myself mesmerized by a YouTube video of a close up of a rabbit eating lettuce. It was a small piece, and I didn't get any visuals, but the overwhelming feelings of well being were there with the ability to micro-focus on things. Watching a rabbit eat lettuce seemed so fascinating to me at the time. :smiley:

    The second (and last time) I ate a large piece just before I went to bed. Now THAT was an interesting experience. Lots of old memories were dug up, and I didn't get hardly any sleep that night.

    Here is a site with a calculator that helps you set a dosage.

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    I used to find the most ridiculous things to do while tripping. Like arranging crayons into the correct order, eating the most absurd combinations of food like frosted flake cereal sandwiches with ham spread, arranging sock drawers. Staring at a picture of David Bowie and seeing how it's actually two people trapped in the same body. I could go on and on, though my memory has faded.

    It was also fun to stare at static on a tv. You'd probably have to go to youtube for that now.

  • @justaguy Awesome, thanks for the site. I'm checking it out now.

    @Sixwaychili now I'm going to have to look at a picture of David bowie and see if I see the same thing! That sounds really interesting.

  • The music videos I ended up watching weren't even in English. They're from a Russian metal folk band called Grai. Interesting to say the least lol

  • Oh yeah!! One thing I forgot to mention in the initial report was that my eyes were watering a lot. I'm not sure if that's a side effect. I was yawning quite a bit which usually makes your eyes water, but I noticed that it was quite a bit more than usual, a lot more, almost as if it wouldn't stop in between yawns.

  • @Sixwaychili LMAO been there many times with pizza ovens and tourist to f... with. You haven't lived until you have eaten a white pizza with mushrooms ๐Ÿ„ sun dried tomatoes, ramps and fresh flower ๐Ÿ˜‹. @Jdtokes sounds like a perfect evening..but yeah ya gotta watch heavy metal on shrooms it's even better. I micro dose with Taj Mahal's right now, not enough to feel but a attitude adjustment nonetheless. Your making me want to dive deeper into the rabbit hole but I think my tripping days are behind me..but hell I still keep shrooms on hand right?

  • just ate 2 stems with tops of Golden teacher this is my first experence with shrooms! been about 30 minutes now an can't wait! will keep you informed

  • fantastic post.

    thanks alot for sharing!!!

    i can't wait for mine. i haven't ordered yet, but i already have decided to try some, for my first time since yesteryears.. your post just reinforced that i might go with the golden teachers. I was previously undecided between GTs, taj mahals, or something else like Penis Envy

    thanks again!! awesome report.

  • I had a couple caps too this last weekend of the Golden was about as far as Iโ€™d like to go now ๐Ÿ˜Ž but it was really great! Had a very smooth comedown if thatโ€™s what you call it. I will definitely grab more of these.

  • @MNTDWLER I bet they would be awesome on pizza! I have heavy metal bookmarked for this weekend if we end up not working too late. Usually it takes about a day and a half for the "afterglow" effect to wear off and for me to feel 100% so I might wait until the next weekend. If I microdose it's not bad during the week even.

    @kleco82 Awesome! Be sure to write a report! I love reading about people's experiences and their trip reports. I used to read them online a long time ago on a now defunct site. Out of all of the shrooms I've tried off the site, the golden teachers have been the best so far.

    @v32Finish I've been trying almost each type that comes across the site. So far I've tried mushroom candy (2nd batch), BTs, and Golden teachers. I feel like I'm missing one now that I listed them out haha. I'm relatively new to psilocybin though so it's hard for me to tell if my experiences are "normal" or exclusive to each individual person. I have some south American cubensis to try when the Goldens are gone, but heavily debating on ordering more golden teachers. I really want my wife to micro dose on one just to get her lifted to a fraction of my level lol.

    @superman38NC I know exactly what you mean about the come down! It is a smooth transition from woah kind of intense to ok and tapering off. It's hard to explain though. It's kind of like lifting s veil. I started vaping and smoking more heavily on the come down to lift it back up a little bit before it went completely away. I've found if I eat shrooms with edibles and then wait until I start to come down to eat, I can pick it up for a while longer, maybe because I'm metabolizing it faster or maybe I'm just imagining it lol.

  • Awesome boobage!!

  • I would try a mushroom if I had a friend to be there with me in case something go wrong. I haven't really studied shrooms as much as I did marijuana and cbd plus terpenes. I wouldn't try a shrooms. Unless I had a friend to be there when trip.

  • @Bruno i said the same thing til I done em alone. Nothing will go wrong man. Itโ€™s very spiritual. I was laughing and crying at the same time on Christmas. I been eating em a lot and only done em with a friend once and that was the first time I got em from here. Just start with a couple grams and enjoy. U wonโ€™t regret it

  • @WDEgkj I agree. I've been taking them alone for a bit now and have only had 1 time be uncomfortable. I thought the wife and kids were going to be visiting her moms house but something came up and they came home early.

    It wasn't a bad time, but it was pretty odd trying not to laugh at everything. I'm glad I like talking to my kids or it would have been bad lol.

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