@medmama @medboy can we get some clarity. the description says 100 mg each bar. below where the price is says 550 mg bars. they are for some reason located in the strain category.


  • Yes, fixed. The error was there for about 5 minutes.

  • I'm not digging the price of the new bars, I paid the same price for 500mg bars why on earth would I pay that for 100mg smh

  • Aren't they 500 mg bars?

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    Hmmm, 200mg for $80 (chocolate bars) or 1000mg for $85 (THC gum drops)? Tough call.

    If they raise the price of the gum drops to $400 I'll never even think of buying them again. As it is now, I doubt anyone will ever buy the chocolate again unless it's by mistake.


  • @Sixwaychili I was excited to see them because the original bars were great but when I saw 100mg I had to laugh

  • I loved the 550 mg bars!!

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    would love clarification here.

    i am going to bite my tongue for the most part, bc Medman is not the primary offender here, but i will just say this >> edibles are too fkn expensive. people use this shit for medicine, and people overcharge the FUCK out of edibles.

    i feel really bad for ppl with really bad issues that take several hundreds of mgs.... bc if they're not growing and making their own, they are literally either A.) rich B.) going without or C.) in the poorhouse.

    again i will clarify that this is a bigger problem at dispensaries, than it is here; that being said, i have seen some iffy prices here too. (but that's the exception, not the rule) .

    im gonna go toke up and try to find myself in better spirits. lol. happy friday all.

  • Get a levo and then make yer own

  • v32Finish I agree 1000% i have drawer full of vapes an gummys that are not worth a shit! that Delta-8 has as much THC as gummys an some vapes! I feel better! lol

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