MedMama's Vape Syringes MixnMatch

I just bought 4 syringes but asked to mix and match. I remember posting about this in the past and others have said they were able to mix and match. What I forgot to ask, was each syringe labeled separately so as you can tell what it is or were they just all mixed together? I forgot to ask if they could label each syringe. I hope it works out.


  • I ordered 4 as well and asked for Maui Wowie and Sunset Sherbert split. Hope it works out too.

  • I ordered 4 Banana Kush refills and didn't get requested split. I've got 8 Watermelon OG refills on the way, hoping for a Pineapple Express split this time. We shall see.

  • I did a split of 4 with: WiFi, Blue Dream, Maui Waui, Grape Ape. Shortly after placing, saw Grape Ape off the menu. Hopefully I got in in time, if not then hopefully it's a decent sub and I get the rest of my split as requested.

  • I'm almost positive they only split it in half @NOLA504 . Like out of 4 syringes, you'd get 2 strains. I could also be wrong

  • They split two when I bought refills a couple weeks ago. From past experience, they wrap each in paper towel with name written on it. Another time, they were bagged separately with names.

  • I split all the time. They always write the name on the paper towel.

  • Order arrived today, but all four are the same strain. Kind of a bummer as I was excited to try some new strains I haven't tried yet, but not the end of the world and just happy they arrived and in a timely manner. Now I know not to expect to mix and match.

  • I’m sorry they did that @NOLA504 could they have sold out of some of your choices?

  • Same here @NOLA504. Nope @Rubygirl816 since they're still up in my case. I wanted Maui Wowie and Sunset Sherbert and got all Maui Wowie. But it's all good. I'm gonna make some sativa edibles with 2 of them.

  • Yeah I think only Grape Ape that I had requested is sold out. I had requested Maui Wowie, WiFi, Blue Dream and Grape Ape and got 4 WiFi's instead. I'll just wait till I vape few one or two of the WiFi's then re-up with 2 of a different strain.

  • 8 Watermelon OG distillates. No split 2 for 2. I'm happy...

  • I am so excited, they split my XJ-13 and I asked them to surprise me with the other half. They gave me Banana Kush. I don't have a clue what to expect. Leaving in the morning for a 5-day trip so I did get to test anything. Still, Talk about perfect timing, I bought a 1/8th. I didn't smell anything until I opened the packages. My entire room smelled like we were smoking all day.

    I usually ask for a free joint but forgot this time. No big deal. I got a jolly chip which will be fun.

    The only thing that I can not remember. What is the best way to warm the oil to get it into a cartridge? Any suggestions?
    Thank you MM and MB

  • @Gen Most people use a hair dryer.

  • @Gen make sure you warm both the refill syringe AND the cart you are putting it in. I use a blow dryer until I see the bubble in the refill moving freely.

  • Thank you for all of the valuable advice about the refill vapes.

  • Jolly chips are fudging awshom

  • Tell you what medmama is on the ball. Placed an order this morning for zip of blackberry and jungle punch, from loud and couple vape refills from medmama. The refills have already been put in the mail and are on the way this evening!! Hope loud follows lol. No worries though that bacio got me like 🤪 very very happy with it. Wish I had had more money on 4/20, but so appreciative I got what I got!! I’m stoned now, let me 🤐😂😂😂. Have a good evening all

  • Hey all, we had put a pause on our splits due to it throwing our inventory that was posted on the site off of wack which made us have to sub more than we needed to. We are happy to say we got this sorted out and will continue honoring splits for concentrates(4g or more), flower (1/2oz or more), and our vape and refills 8)


  • @Med Mama Helper we can only split eight count? Not four count of the vape refills?

  • @Sixwaychili did you get your new pckt device yet? Curious thinking about getting it for my hubs.

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    I just ordered a 4 before the restock and I hope the split is honored. That would be a bummer if it was not. I don't even really care what's in there as long as it's half indica and half sativa.

  • I just ordered them separately because I don’t want to have four refills of one flavor. Thirty bucks more so won’t be doing that too often.

  • I have some coming today I ordered Tuesday, believe it or not. I asked for dosimango split with skittlez. I’ll let ya know if they split it @MikeyC

  • Nope no split on the four refills. No biggie. Will have a big stash

  • Thanks

  • Med Mama was kind enough to give me a half gram of XJ-13. I told them to surprise me with the other half if they were to be so kind to split a full gram of vape. They were kind enough to give me a half gram of Banana Kush. I am sure they didn't have to do this for me. They didn't disappoint me with their kindness and the Banana Kush didn't disappoint either. The 1/8th of Bacio Gelato I order is also excellent. Happy 420 guys. Here is hoping we are all-around next 420. Cheers!

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    @Rubygirl816 Yes, I got the PCKT Two.

    Compared to my last vape, it's like night and day. I can turn the voltage down to save my lungs. I love the auto turn on by inhaling. Pressing a button is hard. lol Also love that it's USB-C, the haptic feedback so you know it's working and the so many different color LED lights that mean so many different things.

    I also love the magnetic screw tops for carts. I can switch between two carts in a second.

    I love it, though I've been just using the vape refill as a bowl topper and it's kicking my ass. I can't even finish a bowl, but I've been so damn tired from work lately. I haven't even filled a new cart yet with the refills. When I get a minute, I'm going to try to make some gummies.

    Also, I love the taste of the Maui Wowie refills. I bet it's going to make the edibles I make taste amazing.

  • I received the dosi mango today, the taste is really really good. I don’t know why I never ordered this strain before in refills. I’m happy I received the four of them now. Thanks @Sixwaychili I’m going to buy it for him. I need to order some more cartridges today, might as well throw that in there too!

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