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Hey guys. I haven't shopped here in a few months, thought I'd return, although I'm a bit paranoid with delivering grass to my door worried it can somehow get opened, I thought maybe the vape juice may not be as bad to deliver.
But... I don't know if the vape juice sold here will work with my vape.

First of all, this is what my vape looks like:

So, I see these vape juices are not only very expensive, but they come in cartridges.. Will they work with my vape? Can I just pour the juice in my vape and it will do the job? Or do I need a different specific special vape for these cartridges sold here? The pictures of the vape cartridges and some in syringes are really weird, and I just don't know what the actual product looks like or how much quantity I'll be getting either.

Hope I can get this answered soon, thanks all ^^


  • Hey there πŸ€—

    @medmama does have vape refills that come in a syringe. I'd recommend that instead of the pre-filled carts.

    One tip-if you get the syringes you'll want to heat it with a hair dryer as the vape juice is very thick, and heating it will made it easy to transfer to your awesome vape.

    I hope this helps you!

  • Thanks for replying :) will the cartridges not work for the vape I'm using? I'm assuming you place the cartridges on the vape and smoke it like that, but mine doesn't hold cartridges like that, it's just a lil confusing.

    But if I get the syringes, I can just squirt them into the vape glass and just smoke it like that? so syringes are what I should probably get, not the cartridges.

    heating the vape juice will make it easy to transfer? I don't see what's hard about transferring it while it's not hot even if it's very thick if i'm squirting it with the syringe in the glass.

  • Also these vapes seem a bit expensive. 2 syringes for $100.. how many puffs/sessions does it take per syringe? from the picture, it looks like I could smoke that in a day easily, maybe longer.

  • If you inhaled for 24 hours straight, it would probably finish off a syringe. Maybe a slight exaggeration.

  • oh really, damn nice lol. I might get the vape juice another time, I ordered some cotton candy kush :P

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    It probably wouldn't last nearly that long, but they surprised me with how long it lasts. I just ordered 4 refills and a new vape and empty refillable carts. Got them from PCKT.

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    @WillyCx I have a similar looking vape "smoke 80w stick" while it works great it really eats the juice. Mine a full syringe fills it about 1/3 of the way. I find it much more economical and more efficient to use 1 gram cart's and a 510 battery. As for the rest listen to @MigraineWarrior79 and @Sixwaychili you gotta warm the syringe 90% of the time. I also use pckt spark cartridges, cheap and you get a couple of refills before they start getting gummed up. PS it's not what you're squirting into it's the size of the hole in the syringes.

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    @WillyCx and don’t forget to warm the cartridge, or whatever your filling as well. I also use the sprk cartridges to fill. They are cheap and they can be filled a few times before you need a new one like @MNTDWLER said.

  • @MNTDWLER that thing looks like something out of star wars!

  • @nefgreen I got the thing to help me quit smoking , using it for other vapeables afterwords is just a bonus. It really is too big and gets too hot for oils. It'll blow through a syringe in nothing flat, not recommended. Most vape pens are what..5 to 10w that thing's 80w with the lowest setting being somewhere around 50w lol. It'll sizzle some serious syrup ♨️ πŸ₯΄πŸ˜΅

  • @WillyCx don't worry about delivery, I was the same way when I started. Now screw it..all of @medmama and @LoudnCo packages come very discreet with some may I just say interesting return addresses 😁. If you want some flower start off small just to ease your mind. Happy shopping my friend. πŸ’šπŸ’¨πŸ€


    I always get a kick out of the return addresses and co name. Lol

  • I got To get me a cape and lightsaber to vape out of. I'm curious if there's also something to add to the vape refill to get it to work better with a coil.

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