Boveda packs

Which size is the best for storage of cannabis in jars? Just need a size to bring it back from crumble to the touch almost


  • 62 or 58. I prefer 62 and I vape but other prefer 58.

  • Thanks @MikeyC il try the 58

  • I ordered some Boveda's in February. They were out of the 58's in a size 4, so I went with the 62's. They make my buds all nice and fresh, and keep them that way. The 62's are just one squinch (is that a word?) away from being too much, but is perfect for me for using a pipe to smoke. It is OK for joint rolling too, but I think a 58 would be better for that.

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    I have used both now I only use boveda 62% pack's in my jars, c/vault"s and my new budkups humidor. They bring dry flower back and keep fresh flower fresh. A small investment for your meds, I do like my flower on the moisture side because I vape 95% of my flower. I keep 'em in my wife's c/v she loves the freshness and she only smokes. It's a personal preference imo so I guess the only question is how do you like your bud ? Either way you go I would keep a few 62's around for really dry flower, they seem to bring it back to life just a little better. 🚫🥀💚💨🍀

  • When any bud gets drier, I can't handle how harsh the smoke is, so I use the 62%. I get the 8g packs for 1/2 to an ounce. If you can fit the 8g in your jars, go for those because all they do is last longer.

  • @Sixwaychili @MNTDWLER @TheProfessor I'm a n00b to the boveda scene and just got my first order of packs so pardon my ignorance....

    Do you allow for the boveda pack to be in direct contact with the grass?

  • @TreesPlz yes, it's no problem.

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    @TreesPlz Absolutely! I use glass flip-top crocks. For the oz size I just throw a #4 on top before I close the lid. I use #1s for smaller jars. I only buy 62s which seem to be perfect.

  • I like to out my bovedas on the side of the ball jars. Never on top, and I don't even like them on the bottom.

    When they dry out you can recharge them too by letting them absorb distilled water back in through reverse osmosis. Basically I use a small tupperwear lid and let it float in distilled water in a bigger Tupperware with the bovedas on top of the dry raft- you seal the big Tupperware and 2 days later its recharged.

  • Epic pro tip, @MikeyC


  • DITTO any of you use integra boost?? I just ordered 16 62%er's for $10 they are round and fit in the top of jars and hopefully my budkups humidor "the little ones just don't seem big enough to me" lol. So now that I'm committed I'm asking you guys for advice "kinda back asswards" anybody use them. They are the exact same ingredients as bovedas down to 99.1% biodegradable. I can't see any difference besides the price and shape. I have no idea how they preform, should be exactly the same. If anyone's interested I found them at while searching for a water pipe adapter for my solo2..of which they have everything for portable solos. 💚💨🍀


    I used them before I started using Bodeva, and they don't last as long as bodeva, but they do keep buds nice and fresh.
    Just check on them little more than you would the Bs.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 I only got 'em because I had a cupon code off the sale price, so I came out with 16 for about $8+sh. There round just like the world used to be B.C. before covid 😁

  • Has anyone tried the raw hydration stones?

  • Is that like a JO crystal?

  • I just seen the raw stone on YouTube today! It's from the raw papers line of products.

  • Sheeit! I guess I'm getting me a hydrostone 😂

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