Corona and MedMan

I ordered last Wednesday and have yet to get a label. Should I worry. Very little medicine left.


  • If by "get a label" you mean "informed delivery", then I wouldn't be overly concerned. It's rarely accurate for Loud, their USPS hub doesn't seem to scan packages in regularly.

  • You usually should still have a pre-shipment label by now. Once you get that expect your package in liken3-4 days. Loud can also be faster than that in my experience

  • The pre-shipment label is usually actually the "it's shipped" notification for loud.

  • @MaryJane2020 In my experience Medicineman ALWAYS delivers.

  • I know they do. I love MedMan and Medboy They run a tight ship!

  • BTW. Thanks everyone who offered info. I truly appreciate y’all.

  • @MaryJane2020 Well you’re not alone. I put in an order last Wednesday from Loud and have yet to see a label in my ID as well. The longest it’s ever taken is 3 days and today will be the 3rd full business day.

    The only time I’ve ever had an issue with a label showing up in ID is at the onset of the pandemic which is why it’s making me extra anxious… I still got those packages but my goodness ID is more anxiety inducing than anything else…..

  • Scratch that! Just got my pre-shipment label :) Man, 420 must’ve worked ya’ll to the bone! xD

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