Informed delivery

Anyone else's packages not showing up on informed delivery or is shipping just taking a little longer than usual??



  • Yeah I've never had luck with packages, still waiting on 4/20 order

  • Yeah, I have 4/20 order. Label made on 23rd, & no other updates on ID. I've received packs in pre-shipment before, but only during busy times. Sucks but it'll be ok.

  • My 4/20 orders came in this past saturday and monday so hang in there :)

  • @Pugltop I made an order on 4/21 from Loud and the label was just created late last night (4/26) I’m sure 420 just put them behind a bit.

  • @maxx they received my payment on the 23rd and I havent seen a label created yet. Im excited for the cotton candy kush tho, been smoking d8 to tie me over until medman comes through

  • @Pugltop i placed an order with @LoudnCo on the 4-14 label made then it didn’t move for like 10 days from that status so I reached out to @medboy and he said it was lost and they would resend. I haven’t seen a label made or anything. Medboy said it was resent Monday so I will remain patient. Medman always delivers !

  • Sigh Fvcking USPS man… my shiz was scheduled to deliver today, but now I’ve got the dreaded “In Transit - Arriving late” and hasn’t moved since it hit the distribution center -_- I’m totally out of medicine too… also the 2nd day after my 2nd vaccine dose I was really hoping for some flower… thanks again USPS.

  • Still waiting on my 420 order from Loud, mail was here already today and nothing, never took this long before hopefully just backed up

  • @Ken_K it seriously fvcking blows. I ordered purple punch too and that picture someone posted makes me want it even more lol

  • My label, from loud, showed movement this morning. And a lot of movement at that. Supposed to be here Monday. I was getting ready to order something else because I thought there was an issue with it, and I can’t afford to run out of meds right now. So even though it doesn’t look like it, your package is probably moving.

  • @Rubygirl816 I AM totally out of meds right now and don’t have enough to buy more at the moment… I ordered two zips of purple punch (Loud) on 4/21. Label created 4/26, accepted and dropped off at distribution center 4/27, set to deliver yesterday but hasn’t moved from the distribution center now have the dreaded “in transit-arriving late” which is code for “we have no fvcking clue where your package is - get fvcked” … I have had it with USPS man.

  • Still waiting for my 4/20 order from Loud. No movement. My 4/25 order from Loud is out for delivery. 4/27 order from mama is scheduled for delivery Monday. Starting to think my 4/20 one is lost. Oh well, I'll email MB at the 2 week mark.

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    @Maxxx on the top of page where it says help, put in a missing mail search, then go to number 2 complete a help request. It usually gets the package moving again.

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    And I get it, up until the last month, EVERY package I had coming to this address was “arriving late” for a few months was like that. It’s so frustrating. I’m sorry your without meds. I’ve been there. I try not to go there again. Funds are not always available I know.

  • @Rubygirl816 I appreciate it :) I filled out that help thing and it said I’d get an email in 1-3 days after investigation or something. I didn’t know about that - thank you!

  • @Maxxx no problem. Like I said it usually will get it moving for you. Works for me most of them time!

  • Also a psa yall.... whenyou see a loud label it starts at 50$ insured when it is scanned it will say 100$ insured and from tgere its 100% moving

  • @Rubygirl816 great news on that label, you have given me hope🙏🏽. Or a vague notion of it until it's actually in my hands lol😁. Hope you find your meds in da mail Monday and Tuesdays just a blissfully blurry day.

  • @Rubygirl816 LOL. So I filled out that thing earlier today, and just saw a scan of it showing up at my local dist center ;P Probably would’ve happened either way, but I complained a lot in my help request so at least that’ll add to the list of complaints I’m sure they’re getting about extremely late priority packages.

  • A label was finally created for mine yesterday. So atleast I know its going to be coming here soon and not forgot about or lost. I'm really excited for the cotton candy kush. I've had the outdoor and it was pretty decent besides being just a tad dry, but thats my fault for not putting it in my storage jar lol

  • @Pugltop Sweet! Glad to hear it man. Hopefully USPS doesn’t take fvcking forever :)

  • @Maxxx no doubt man, I'm getting tired of this D8, I want my medman lmao

  • Its definitely frustrating. I think only once so far my informed delivery has actually been accurate. I get excited for a bit when I see that it has a delivery date, but then I remember it will actually be a few days later. Worst thing for me is if it doesn't get to my local post office before like 3am, it's not getting delivered that day. It could show scanned in at 6am, which you would think should be early enough for them to deliver it at 5PM, but apparently not.

  • Anyone else still waiting on their 420 loud order, it's almost 2 weeks now and I havent received mine yet, I think something is wrong never had an order take that long guess I will be emailing them tomorrow

  • @Ken_K Me too man, we just have to email & im sure it'll be taken care of. I ordered on 25th & 27th and received those already. I'm thinking ours were lost.

  • You guys wanna hear the fucking shittiest thing ever? My package was out for delivery at 8:45am, the mail truck came and went, no package. Still out for delivery on ID. Called local P.O., the guy just went “hmmm.. let me call the carrier and I’ll call ya back.” I told him it was already late and that it was a medical part I needed and he’s like “ok I’ll call the carrier and I’ll call you back.” I was polite. “Thank you sir!” Anybody wanna guess what did NOT happen? FUCK this is like a week now without meds and I’m fucking dying, especially because I got my hopes up that it’d be here today. FUCK YOU USPS!

  • Oh my God I can’t believe it 😱 they actually came back and delivered. Hell just froze over, and I’m about to get stoned to the bone lol. That shit had me SO pissed 😠 CHEERS TO ALL (and thanks for always letting me vent about USPS 👍)

  • @Maxxx 🥳 That's the best feeling. Holding that pack in your hands. Glad it reached you!

  • @ChunksEggo8187 Hey I appreciate it brother (or sister idk lol) and for real. I got two zips of the last batch of Purple Punch. Ok… ONE, the shit looks incredible (per the picture someone posted recently) 😂 TWO, the shit smells incredible, THREE, I’m stupid high because of my involuntary t-break 🤣, FOUR, it filled up two whole mason jars (love that feeling too). I’m sure stuff from MM must’ve been more dense, but the last few 2zs I got from them only filled up about a jar and a half (still quality stuff though). Now only if I could’ve snatched some of that AMAZING LOOKING MAC before it was gone 😩 @LoudnCo Killin’ it with the premium meds lately!

  • @ChunksEggo8187 I also love ur pfp so much lmao. My favorite part of that episode is when they go try to open the gate at that facility and towlie’s like “I know the code!” But he can’t get it, and he tricks the boys into letting him smoke because he’ll remember the code 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 then he plays the melody to funky town 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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