Bitcoin- can't spend less than $56 now!

I've been trying to figure out bitcoin and bought some after placing my 1st order for 1gram and it won't let me spend the $10, or anything under $56! New rule.. Help!


  • @medboy can you help out here?

  • Which company are you trying to use

  • Dude- get a 4 gram sampler and add another gram- best 80 you will ever spend

  • @Kayla I used cashapp to buy bitcoin, my first time. I tried a few times to pay but got error msgs that I wasn't meeting the minimum. Articles online say cashapp and square, etc. have raised minimums as of 4/22.

  • @MikeyC
    Normally I would, but I'm weaning off of opiates after 20 years & just got permission to fail thc drug tests but I'm not sure if I like smoking it. I tried smoking CBD last night to find out and it was terrible, but I'm told CBD does taste bad. It did light me up (Franklin strain- high in thca =thc when heated). I'm buying a dry herb/concentrate vaporizer but need to sample things 1st. (I love cartridges but they're too sedating & full spectrum is better therapeutically. Wish they had live resin carts.)
    I tried to order samples of each but it looks like it's 1 or the other until you pay regular price.

  • Yeah I think you'll have to do what @MikeyC said. I guarantee you will enjoy most of this 1 and 2 hit quit strains! It's legit I assure you.

  • If you're weaning off opiates have you tried kratom? Ymmv but it's helpful in my life.

  • @Kayla @MikeyC I'm having a hard time bc you have to buy multiples of the same strain, even if I did a sample/add on, youmust buy full price for 2g of the same strain 1st. I'm just getting into this & on disability pay it's hard to commit $90+ to a concentrate or strain you may hate. It would be great if you could just buy 1g of flower or 1 unit of concentrate or if not, mix/match to meet the minimum. 1 gram will last me a month at least, lol.
    Has anyone tried Franklin CBD strain? It's high thca, which turns into THC when heated/smoked. I got a gram & a gram of something else 2 nights ago, trying CBD herb for the 1st time, and 3 good hits lit me up all night. I do react to CBD though, so tried the other strain today and it did nothing. Tried the Franklin again and felt 2 puffs. It may be an option in illegal states when you don't have any options. I learned about it in the Franklin sub on reddit.

    I threw up the 1st time with kratom, won't get powder (ground leaves) again! I have cheap kratom capsules now but haven't tried more than 3 at a time (which have little/no effect) for fear I'll get sick again (still on the opiate at high doses) or it'll be hard on my kidneys/liver. I don't know much about it at all, and am known for researching the hell out of new interests.

  • Wait- spend 56 on coin and then you can send a piece of it. Sell the rest back after if it's that tight.

  • @MikeyC I thought he meant he couldn't send 10 bucks worth of bitcoin from what your saying will work.problem solved

  • @MikeyC @Kayla you got it right, I can't spend under $52 (that was on 4/22, it changes). When you click to send it a msg comes up saying you have to send a minimum of .001 bitcoin. $10= .000176. I'm not sure it there's a bitcoin purchase limit too.
    I ordered a dry herb + wax vape yesterday so I'll just get the 4g sample pack & add on a 1/2g of shatter. If the flower doesn't work out I know someone that will want it. (5 years ago I knew LOTS of people but they weren't the best long-term friends.) The vape can use dosing capsules, a metal pot you prepack to keep specific doses ready or in public pop in discretely & it keeps the vape clean too.
    The last 2 nights I hit Franklin strain CBD 3x each and was lit way more than I recall from actual mj & the smell hung around but vaping should reduce it a lot. If it didn't make me sleep so much it may be a feasible substitute. Any last minute strain suggestions? I'm looking for those good for lifting mood without being too sedating. Jack Herer, Sunset Sherbert, Ceaser, Mimosa flower & Sour Diesel shatter are what I'm looking at.

  • Jack Herer, and Sour Diesel would be good picks for what you're looking for.

    I wish you all the best with getting off opiates! There's a lot of us around here who have been where you are.

  • @Dez411 stick with sativa leaning hybrids or sativas if you don't want sedating. Jack H, Mimosa and Sour D should do the trick. I'm not sure about Caesar, but Sunset Sherbert is quite indica leaning so it will be sedating. The description of Caesar makes it sound like either a 50/50 hybrid or sativa leaning.

  • I’m having trouble sending to the address with cashapp. I’ve tried 5 diff ones and not getting the option to send

  • I second mimosa

  • @WDEgkj If you're not spending over the new minimum (around $56 as of 4/22) it will not send the money when you click the arrow to Send after putting the wallet address in. You should get an error msg saying you must spend at least a certain bitcoin total.

    That's why I made the post, bc my 1st order was going to just be the test gram but you can't do it with cashapp. MedicineBoy recommended the Bryd (bread) site/app for bitcoin which didn't have a minimum a few days ago. Not sure about now.

  • @MikeyC @Sixwaychili @Kayla @MigraineWarrior79
    Thanks guys. I looked over the strains and several looked good, so I got 1g each of jack herer, sunset sherbert, sour skittlz, bacio gelato, + 1/2g add on of sour diesel shatter. It's on its way. If you don't already get text alerts for shipments coming to you, if you have a tracking app like Route it'll show you what's coming.

    @medicineman I've heard so many people talk about how the Candyland strain puts you in such a great mood & is 1 they always have to keep in stock. The reviews are amazing. It'd be great if you carried it.

    I ordered a dry herb + concentrate vaporizer that comes tomorrow, the Fury Edge V2 with free bent black glass stem/ mouthpiece + 3D cooling glass stem, bubbler, & dosing capsules. (I love the idea of having different strains or daily doses ready ahead of time!) I want the capsule caddy from Delta 3D Studios but it's $21. Got a grinder, smoke buddy Jr., and cheap 1oz jars from Amazon. I'm excited for my other package to come in a few days!

  • Candy land is in vape^

  • @MikeyC Oh, thanks. I normally only want cartridges but I cant find any that are full spectrum. All carts here are distillate, which is purified & has terpenes removed and added back in at the end. I can't tell 1 distillate cart from another.
    LIVE RESIN CARTS would be GREAT though! Full spectrum CO2 carts too!

    Do you know if any of the extracts can go in a cart without cutting it? It looks like terp sauce may be able to, but I've never had an extract before. I'll use the shatter I got in a cart if I don't like dabbing it.

  • How do I change settings to get push notifications to my email?

  • There's some new disposable magnetic cart that you're supposed to be able to use with any extract form I'll see if I can remember the name, they were little pricey being small new brand flagship I think

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