Prem. Live diamonds and terp sauce

I bought 4gs Saturday for 190 and look today and price shot up to 200. I wonder if there was a mistake. But 115$ for 2gs stuff should be fireee


  • "shot up" $10 seems a little much, but yes, the pricing was $10 under what it should have been and has been corrected. -MB

  • I know lol 😆 it was a joke probably a bad one and I'm sorry about that. If I offended didn't mean too. If it was 120$ I would've gotten it. Thanks guys I can see where they can be taken the wrong way and ill be more attentive to what I post next time. Thanks guys @medboy

  • @Zackarrry Did you receive the live diamonds and terp sauce yet? Would love some review

  • @LifeLong14 got them and they're some of the best diamonds I've had from this site but I went to the dispo and loaded up on some concentrate and stuff so I've been smoking on it mainly

  • I bought the skittles smoothie, from medmama, for my in-laws. They called me last night to tell me they were dynamite and could I order more @LifeLong14 the only issue was one of the containers opened up and spilled. I contacted mm and I’m sure they will make it right. I’m ordering more in any case. Hopefully this next batch will be in glass containers like they said they were going to use.

  • PS I just checked my informed delivery and they are sending out the replacement. MM has THW best customer service!

  • Wow! That’s awesome @Rubygirl816 . I’m intrigued to give it a try. Louds terp sauces look very nice as well

  • Hey all, expect next weeks orders to be in glass containers. Like I had mentioned, we were waiting to finish out our rubber containers to then transition over to glass. As of right now we are close to the end with the rubber containers. Some of our waxs and crumbles are still in rubber containers since we pre-weigh our stuff. However the newer concentrates we have gotten this week and last week will be in glass
    Thanks for your patience!!


  • Thanks @Med Mama Helper I’ll say it again, the best customer service!!

  • @Rubygirl816 i wrote u back dear

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