MM prefilled cartridges

I’m a new vapor can someone plz help me… I’m wanting a vape that I can use MMs prefilled cartridges please recommend
Thx in advance
Have a good one!


  • I really like my Breezy from The Kind Pen. It’s compact, discreet, and has a great battery life.

  • Awesome thank you!

  • i love vapes for security reasons but am rarely satisfied with these prefilled vapes!I need more THC in mine ! i would be happy to pay retail price if the quality was there! Thats my weekly vent! I need the vapes!

  • Youcan uni is a reliable battery also. Used for a few years.

  • I'm loving my new PCKT 2. I never thought the auto turn-on by inhaling would be such a useful feature.

  • Thx for info! Appreciate it

  • Stick to the Med Moma Prefilled Vapes ! ! the refills are aren't potent period ! I asked MM and the said their from a different supplier . You get what you pay for. I have never been disappointed with Med Momas Prefilled !

  • I disagree @Rella321 the refills I've had are great.

  • Refills👍🏼👍🏼

  • I love the refills!!

  • Green crack refills had me in outer space. 🪐

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