Got La kush cake/sour joker looks absolutely nothing like the dicripion pictures, premium? Eh idk all small buds nothing over a G will try med mama next few go arounds.


  • Sometimes those popcorn nugs are the best 👌

  • @MigraineWarrior79 the bacio gelato I got was a full zip of tiny nugs and it was pure bliss in every bud.....

  • @whatever1956

    So happy to hear that! I didn't have the opportunity to purchase any of the Bacio, but i did get both the indoor, and premium Gelato 33, and they were a mixture of large to popcorn nugs.

    Sooooo good! It's the high that matters to me, and not the looks.💚

  • @MigraineWarrior79 I respectfully disagree. When I purchase something called "premium " I need looks,smell,taste,high all of the above .

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    Respectfully, @Letsgethigh420, "looks, smell, taste, high all of the above" is all kinda on faith and a matter of opinion in a black market cannabis dispensary that only takes e-currency, then ziplocks, double foodsaver vacuum bags, and ships cross country using the good old USPS. I've been shopping here for over three years and I've yet to be disappointed...from discount, smalls, outdoor, greenhouse, indoor, and premium...I've found it all great...and decent prices. Sure, there are some differences, but rarely does looks have anything to do with it. I've also found the best cannabis is purchased of the bag so to speak, which is why I try to always order early and at least an ounce at a time.

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    Couldn't have said it better since there isn't a like button. I've purchased dozens of times and have been disappointed once, but not ripped off ever. And my other choices are terrifying.

  • @Letsgethigh420

    We all can't agree all the time; I do understand your point.

  • So no review? How's the high?

  • @Letsgethigh420 I deff- agree premium should be the Best. Top of the chart

  • We should judge books by their cover! I wish I could request smalls except for 1 bragging nug, but that's because I like to turn everything into edibles these days.

  • I agree premium should be premium. Smalls, popcorn, boof... should be labeled something other then premium.

  • Size doesn't matter? Lol. I do have higher expectations for premium

  • I prefer smaller buds so I'm not paying for stems. The size affects absolutely nothing.

  • It's not the size of the ship that matters, it's the motion in the ocean.

  • Large, all burns the same 👍🏼

  • Premium should be Top shelf flower no in-between . Smell should be very strong along with apperence . Just like a despecery if you get AAA flower that's what it's going to be.

  • I rec'd a small amount from Denver it was top shelf had a very strong smell and covered in trichomes very fresh .

  • My state is going legel July 1st .

  • Legelizz jtt/

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