Black water premium description

Says it ISNT especially popular among those who have tried it. Is this correct?


  • I laughed when I read that when it initially dropped @leaf. Not a particularly enticing statement. Looks like a poor paraphrase of a sentence in the Allbud review. Everything else I've read makes Blackwater sound like a really nice heavy indica. If it hadn't been on the board for a week, I might have given it a try.

  • i Appreciate honesty morre than sales skills. Iā€™m going to buy some.

  • i saw that.. kind of interesting... "you definitely should maybe buy this, but our records show it's not very popular and may or may not be kinda good" :lol: jk jk

    i agree with Prof i think they just worded it kinda wrong. hehe

  • I would have thought possible typo but changed "isn't" to "is" for that sentence doesn't make any sense. Maybe it's a reverse psychology thing.

  • @medboy I need a little reverse psychology at times lol, thanks for the laugh.

  • @MikeyC lulz

    "Get rid of Bush and see more Dick" šŸ˜‚

  • I just ordered some. Anyone else tried it? It was apparently award winning a few years back.

  • Iā€™ve tried it. Ordered a half of the blue frost and a Q of the black water. Both were great but I prefer the black water

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