Mama Sour Joker/Sunset Sherbert

Big shout out to @medmama for the quick delivery and 🔥 premiums. Both were on the menu very briefly so I wasn’t sure what to expect. This batch of joker has larger nugs with a very pleasant sweet n sour aroma. Sunset Sherbert more smalls but I honestly prefer those (especially when they look like these!) textbook SS aroma..both 5/5 this go around! I tried both today..joker for the morning and just hit the SS..both are very tasty and loud! Here are some pics. The close up bud is the Sour Joker.


  • Beautiful pics! Thank you!

  • One can never go wrong with premium Sunset Sherbet! It didn’t last long @superman38NC. I’m hoping what I have left from the last go round will last until the next batch!

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    Thx! @TheProfessor @ChunksEggo8187 its a great batch! The effects are strong but in a good way..super stoned yet feeling upbeat and energetic. I remember my 1st sample off SS a few hrs ago left me almost numb 🤪

  • @superman38NC

    That's some gorgeous bud!

  • Indeed it is! @MigraineWarrior79 who ever is growing it thank you! Please keep this in rotation.

  • @superman38NC saw you rec'd the Sour Joker from medmoma. Looks like it's back on menu probably the same batch as last couple times . Trying to wait on restock is sour j a good hyped up buzz .am only into sativa's would you recommend thanks

  • Hi @Tac the Sour J is a delicious batch..the smell is more sweet than sour. As far as effects I wouldn’t say it’s hyped up like Green Grack. The haze comes through more on this one. Feels more like a 50/50 hybrid. Still top notch!

  • @superman38NC
    Thanks for the info have a wonderful day

  • @superman38NC have you tried the Mimosa this go around? I know we both loved it before a year or two ago. I may split some with Cherry Pie.

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    Hey @Sixwaychili i tried the batch before the last reload..probably a month or so ago..have 2-3 gs’s 🔥..did read someone else said what’s on there now is good. Cherry Pie has been in the back of my ordering mind too 🤪..sounds like a great split though

  • @superman38NC . Speaking of green crack it used to be on menu quite a bit haven't saw any in a long time. Would love to see some premium

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