Sending to others

So if I place a order and pay for it. Could I have it shipped to someone who isn't me. Like to my brother for gift?


  • Yes I order for family and shipped to their house without any issue

  • Sweet. Thanks for your input

  • I’ve done this for a friend with no issues

  • Actually, no. We do not allow purchasing for someone else.

  • @medboy now that is a rule i think none of us knew was a rule why cant we help purchase for others if i may ask

  • It's a rule if you ask, it's just not posted anywhere. We don't want to sell you something that would then be resold, basically.

  • Wait...wut?

  • There's literally no way to tell if the person who is ordering is the person who is getting it. That's also why you are legally protected.

  • Thanks for the info @medboy

  • Weird, I have ordered from here a couple of times for a friend of mine who doesn't do bitcoin. I just filled out the order form with the persons name and address. No problems.

  • I'm thinking there's not a lot of people buying QPs for personal use. Just sayin

  • @TreesPlz maybe not a lot but some do Like me between me and my wife and sometimes my mom when she stops by to visit we can go through a cutie in a month not counting the concentrates

  • @treesplz i order qps for personal use most of my orders. I smoke alot, hell even my wife smokes alot and both our parents as well. Whats wrong with buying a qp for personal use?

  • I guess the reason why would be to stay stocked with some of the finest meds you can get. I mix mine up that way i dont get tired of having one strain and they last awhile. Staying comfortably numb is + in my book, so is staying well stocked my friend. Just sayin

  • The way the menu has been you can do samplers and buy big after you tried strains that really work for you. It's really hard to say one way or the other.

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