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So I picked up some Do Si Do after reading its high sleep properties and couch lock etc- I have to smoke 2-3 good size J’s just to feel anything. I’ve got a good amount of it to go through too. But the effects are the exact opposite. I have severe PTSD just getting out of the marine core last month & this triggers a lot of anxiety and keeps me up

Anyone else get the same? Or is it just me. I’ve seen a lot of shit the last 21 years over seas, but I’m a regular and it seems this one was a different strain they gave me.

Stay lifted folks


  • Yea it was not what I was expecting. Bought the Tropicana cookies and was highly disappointed dry brittle with seeds for 850. Then as a replacement to half my order I got the dosido and it's not good either. High pretty much non-existent. Plus triggers my PTSD had to give both away so out about 1000 bucks.

  • You say non-existent high. You sure your tolerance is not just crazy? THC gets you high unless the percent is very low. Had plenty of dry weed from here that had me stoned to the bone.

  • I'll give a review when I receive mine. Just ordered a half yesterday.

  • The high from the tropicana was good dosido just was pretty just the high was off for the strain.

  • @poppa5200 exactly! I smoke & grow with server PTSD as well- hence the reason I got it via the description- luckily I didn’t spend as much as you did- I got a O but it too was very brittle and dry. Went to order Banana Kush because I’ve had that before, and it was gone this morning :/
    Maybe they’ll do a Fathers Day Special LOL @medboy ??

  • @theunleet my tolerance is slightly up there- but I’m still active duty with 27 days until I’m retired. Seen a lot, did a lot- you need & depend on these terps- mine was real dry and brittle. Never had a bad bag from @medicineman but it wasn’t what I expected due to the description- I smoked 3 J’s last night just to go to sleep- I’ve never needed that!
    First complaint ever and I’ve been with These guys for a while.

  • I see Banana Kush is back!!!!! Maybe it was a glitch- @medboy @medicineman Father’s Day or Veteran Discount by chance?? 🇺🇸🍻🇺🇸

  • @Frogzcan I’m sorry to hear that you’re not getting the relief you need from the Do-si-dos. First, I’d hit them hard with some Boveda or humidifying pack for a few days in a sealed jar…the longer the better. I’ve had “brittle to dust” bud come right back to life and potency with a little moisture. I’m a vet as well, USAF, out almost 30 years. Thank you for your service and happy retirement! Also, I suffer from severe anxiety and panic disorder and have found that in some batches of Do-si-dos I’ve had, its OG Kush genetics comes out harder, aggravating my anxiety. While I love Girl Scout Cookie genetics like Do-si-dos, I’ve found more consistent cookie indica leaning hybrids that don’t aggravate my condition. I just want to be relaxed and sedated!

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    @Frogzcan How are you still active and smoking? Saw plenty of people busted for Mary Jane during my time in US Navy. Even someone about to retire got busted down a few ranks.

  • @TheProfessor i didn’t think to do that. With the next order going in today- I’ll definitely remember to do that.
    Thank you for your service as well. I’m 39 this Sunday, enlisted as soon as I turned 17 1/2. Been a long 22 years in. I’d do it again tho lol.

    See that’s what I’m looking for- they have me on 2 mg tablets 3 times a day of Xanax for anxiety and restless body syndrome which I developed as I became an 0317 sat and laid for 16+ hours at a time and a PTSD medication of 55mg twice a day. I just want to relax and be sedated. Forget it all and enjoy life. Thanks again for the tips

  • @theunleet im back state side putting in my last pink of “Vacation” aka debriefing. It’s a vacation as you talk to these silo robot of a psychologists. Have you been to war? LOL we all smoked over seas in my tours- LSD and cocaine has become a huge issue for the new generation boots. I stuck with the landrace Afghan weed btw which is Fuckn amazing over there. Hard to get these true strains back home for a decent price for beans!

  • They do not drug test? Lol had drug tests on my ships plenty of times. I couldn't risk it.

  • @theunleet not at all. Had 2 my 22 years in- since we played in the desert, they didn’t give two shits LOL I was over for 16 of the 22. DD214 6D- trained out and went into 0317 2nd asylum 1st. They never bothered us.

  • @Frogzcan I did 12 yrs before I took a nice separation bonus…don’t regret a moment. That’s a a good bit of Xanax. I’ve been on it “ as needed” for about 8 years…and I’ve needed it everyday. It does the trick, but I’ve worked hard to keep my daily dosage under 2mg. I usually get decent relief with .25mg doses…sometimes every two hours. Happy Birthday, enjoy your Sunday!!🎉

  • I have some Do Si Do shatter and it’s very high energy for me. I’m going to use it as a booster for my more calming strains, but yes, I share your experience. Disappointed in that strain.

  • @poppa5200 that really sucks!!! Sorry to hear you lost out on that much!! @medboy emailed me and said they were going to talk to the shipper & see what they want to do, but I haven’t heard back after that! Quality has definitely gone down on the flower spectrum- shatter is good- but not my thing.

    They’re several of us experiencing the same & saying the same. I hope @medmama @medboy & @medman will do something for us to offset our losses.

  • @PolkHighStar haven’t tried the shatter yet! I’ll definitely have to give that a try.

    You’re the 9th person that said the same thing about the strain- it’s garbage! I’ve had strains that were cbd and sprayed by other sites trying to play it off-
    This strain is worse than that.

    Hopefully @medboy @medman @medmama will reach back out to us and offset what we paid with a credit for what we spent. I tossed mine as it increased my anxiety and PTSD.

    Be safe out there & stay lifted

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    @poppa5200 sorry to hear about your experience, I'm always careful ordering and taking that first drag. Sativa's are the worst for my PTSD which I've suffered from for over 50yrs. I definitely keep heavy a indica concentrate on hand to offset any triggers. Good luck on future purchases I hope you find the right meds my friend my heart goes out to everyone suffering.

  • So, I received mine today, and it is VERY DRY. I put it in a sealed mason jar with a bunch of Bovedas.

    I smoked some, and I'm stoned. But note, I have been on a t break for a couple of days, so I probably could have smoked some low thc cannabis and got stoned. 😂

  • Hahaha 🤣

  • After 4 hours with a Raw Hydrostone, it's at the perfect juiciness!
    Now, I have 2 bodevas with it to keep it perfect. 🤤

  • @MigraineWarrior79 i will definitely have to look into getting some of those!!!
    Glad it worked out for you

  • @Frogzcan
    They're super cheap, and work wonders. Def look into it as it's such a bud saver. 💚

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