Disappointed with Loud’s customer service

Long story short I didn’t get my package. The USPS sent me an email saying it was delivered to the wrong house and they were in the wrong. I provided this to Medboy and Loud said they couldn’t re-ship due to it being shown as “delivered”. It was only a half oz of a premium flower, I wasn’t asking for much. Guess I’ll only be using MM now unless something similar happens. I’m not a huge money making business, I’m just a guy. I would think a half ounce wouldn’t be worth losing a customer. I’ve given them quite a few orders since finding this site, and am waiting on a separate order for some concentrates now. Hope it has better luck getting to me since there are no guarantees. Disappointed…



  • Louds been great to me. If the post office admits their fault why don't they pay you the value of the package? USPS has insurance up to a certain amount last I knew.

  • So Loud should be held accountable for a USPS mess up. I don't think so. Loud did everything a business should do. Accept your order, fill it and ship it out.

  • @Essy0522 Do you know who has the ability to get the insurance? Wouldn’t it be the shipper? I could be wrong of course.

  • @Good2Go I partially agree. In most business practices you can eat a small amount for customer service issues. My wife has a small business and we do things for customers to keep them happy and keep coming back even though it’s not our fault they’re unhappy with something. It goes with having a business I think, but I hear you.

  • I figured since the post office emailed you and not loud they'd just get to it. Idk really, I've never had a post office email me so I'm not sure how all that goes.

  • If they delivered to the wrong house couldn't they get it back and bring to you? I mean how would the post office know unless that wrong house people told them. I think I would be asking the p.o that. @PolkHighStar

  • they have 100 dollars of insurance ! that will not cover any order i make

  • Why do the shipper even bump up the insurance on packages from $50 to $100 bucks anyway? If they dont even use it.i mean if the post office sent you proof they are at fault.that should be good to get the insurance and reimburse you. I think I would be scared to claim insurance on weed packs anyway. So why bump up the insurance to $100?

  • Never spend more money than you can afford to lose. I would never send 5 or 600 bucks at once.this might just end up happening to you one day.the tracking says delivered but some new mail man puts in the box 6 streets over and bam no reship it's been delivered.

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    Hopefully, the wrong house resident will see that it's not addressed to them and note it on the package and send it back out.

  • @Kayla The USPS knew it was delivered to the wrong house because when they scan the package it tracks the GPS and it wasn’t at my house.

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    This is kinda interesting. Could USPS tell you the address it was delivered to? If so, why not go there and knock on the door?

  • Elvis is the king

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    If your package was delivered to the wrong address the tracking information and address delivered would show up when loud tracked the order. It simply doesn't make sense to me @LoudnCo has been nothing but professional with me for the past 21 months and I make a order from them usually once or twice a month. I have had a lost order replaced and another order replaced for a different reason. I don't understand what's going on because it's not been delivered to the address given and the loud lads can see that. The packag is insured it wasn't delivered to your GPS address "unless it's your neighbor" so I don't see @LoudnCo losing a customer. I hope you find satisfaction but something just doesn't seem right to me.

  • @PolkHighStar rule #1 never post a complaint in the forums. The fanboys will rip you to shreds( believe me i know). Take it up with medboy offline. Even though I agree awareness creates change but to a bunch of “high” individuals who got their bud it just sounds like bitching to them. Hopefully you’ve learned, plus bro this ain’t Amazon and the risk are heavy so that comes with the territory. That’s why I order small quantities for that reason. I’ve always been paranoid ordering large amounts and usps putting my shit in the wrong mailbox, a neighbor opens it not thinking or looking at the name on the label until they open the box and see mad bud. They’ll either snitch or smoke ya shit lol

  • @rshigh81 Lesson learned I guess! Lol I’ll just keep my complaints to myself from now on. I already talked to medboy and the answer was that Loud shows it delivered so they’re not reshipping. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’ll just charge it to the game and move on I guess.

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    @PolkHighStar Was the postal service able to give you the address it was delivered to? I would file my complaint with them, not here.

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    good luck

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    Good luck @PolkHighStar sorry it happened and dont mind the interrogating fanboys that got there stuff and want to destroy anyone who may have been unsatified or whatever the reason... they tend to think they run the group and try to be detectives bc god forbid if anyone post a bad experience..

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    Don't really see any interrogating fanboys here. Just honest questions. . . if Medman ran the postal service, then he might have a legitimate complaint.

  • Well tbh if he can prove it was sent to a different address then it should be in there customer service to atleast replace the insurance they get for every package sent by them i mean that is why loud uses priority gives you 100 insurance so i think its legitimate if he has the proper proof just saying since you like to comment when i do but hey i could be wrong but others had this issue and it was fixed including me one time but i had proof

  • Man I wish USPS emailed me admitting when they fuck up. You got a government agency to admit their wrongdoing so I’d take that as a win if I were you

  • Dem evil fanboys dough

  • Before this post gets closed for any number of reasons, I appreciate @PolkHighStar bringing awareness to how an issue like this is handled by Loud/MM. If nothing else to make me more cautious or aware about ordering bigger amounts and having no recourse for unforeseen delivery mishaps. Yes buyer beware!
    And I do hope it gets settled in a fair way for you, my friend. Best of luck to you!

  • Fanboy here I guess so I'll own it.🤣damn hadn't looked for a bit and holy shit.@PolkHighStar definitely didn't mean you any disrespect. I truly hope you get everything worked out my friend, get with medboy on the order form again and really best of luck 💚💨🍀

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    Probaly made you happy you started a chain reaction with your original detective work in your previous comments as said before if he has legit proof that it was mis delivered its there job to fix it hence why they have insurance they have done it for others but if if he is just saying it happened then yea loud doesmt need to fix it u need to show proof it was mis delivered

  • You may still get your package. As someone else mentioned. Often people will just stick a wrong delivery back in the mail.

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