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Hi! I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I have been on here about a month or two just never signed up for the forums. This website has been a game changer and I love it and after reading the forums everyone seems to agree. I am new to this industry in general never really experience it much before college, however, I wanted to list what I have received and tried thus far.

Bacio Gelato (medmama)- Favorite right now, beautiful purple buds with some green. Great for me during the day when I have chores. 9/10 also love the taste and smell

Black water (medmama)- Honestly was good, buds were beautiful. The high was alright, nothing to special for me but a great night time strain. 8/10

Purple Punch (medmama)- I only tried a gram so far but that gram was amazing. Great taste, great smell, and a great high. 9/10

Magic Melon (Loud) - For me this a decent strain from loud. Buds were dry when I received and as I am new I don’t know anything about rehydration yet. However, good taste and smell. 6/10

Cherry OG (Medmama)- On the way! Can’t wait to try!

Coconut Chocolate bar (Medmama)- This was awesome. Got the whole family wiped with just a sliver of it, can’t wait for them to return. 9/10

Mushroom chocolate bar (medmama)- I never tried this, however, my brother in law did after I ordered it for him and he loved it until he ate 1/2 the bar at one time and didn’t feel so great. 8/10

Pineapple Express 1/2g (Loud)- I like carts sometimes as I can bring them around easier. These unfortunately were not very good. Never got more than a minimal amount of relaxation which was nice but definitely not worth it for me personally l. 4/10

That concludes everything so far. If anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer. Finally, I would like to take the time to thank everyone who runs and supports this company, thank you sincerely!

As for me being new, if anyone could give me tips, tricks, and other useful thoughts that could help me with getting the best and most out of maryjane that would be great. Thank you!!


  • Thank you for the reviews! Great info, and welcome to the threads!

  • Welcome to the family!

    Invest in some Bodeva 62% rehydration packs as these will help keep your buds sticky icky, and these bring back bud that is dry.

    Anything else you would like to know, just ask. We're here to help each other out!

    Finally, get ready to buy more bud than you really want to because both shippers ALWAYS have some amazing temptress devil bud! 😜

  • Welcome @1K_ ! This place definitely changed my life! I definitely agree on the Bacio Gelato…it’s one of my favorites this year. This most recent batch by medmama is outstanding, and is equal to, or better than the last two premium batches she’s offered this year! All really excellent medicine! I’ve been shopping here for three years and have never been disappointed!!
    Welcome to the group!😎🧐

  • Thank you guys! I really appreciate it! @MigraineWarrior79 I have one question concerning the difference between rehydration stones and boveda pack. How are they different? And whats the pros and cons to both?

  • Welcome! I always appreciate the time people take to post pics & reviews. So thank you!

  • @1K_

    The main difference is the hydro stone works VERY fast in rehydrating some bud.

    I typically will leave the stone only a matter of hours, and check. If you leave too long it can cause the bud to mold, and that's cannabis abuse. 😁

    One tip I have for the stone is to keep it with the bodevas as the stone keeps those packs nice, and juicy. You can reuse them this way! 😉

  • @MigraineWarrior79 Thanks so much! I’ll give both a try! Really appreciate it!

  • @1K_

    You're very welcome! 💚💨😁

  • Welcome to the club!

    The new guy has to roll the next joint. :smile:

  • @justaguy if the noobs have to roll the joints then the joints must be twisted af

  • Glad to have ya @1K, you have some fantastic flower there and you're right the forum will guide you to what ya need. Thanks for the reviews and I look forward to hearing more from you in the future. Welcome to the family 💚💨🍀

  • Welcome as well @1K_. I agree with @MNTDWLER you have a nice selection of flower and the reviews are always appreciated.

  • @MikeyC - Twisted AF, pregnant snake, toothpick, torpedo, Led Zepplin, clubbed...
    There are many different ways a hand-rolled joint can end up. Just as long as they smoke then all is acceptable.

    There is an experience that I think the younger generations of smokers miss out on. That is rolling a seed in the joint that explodes when the heat hits it, or it drops onto the front of your shirt leaving that tell-tale seed sized burn hole in it.

    Ah, memories... :smiley:

  • @justaguy @MikeyC That’s funny you said that because I’m terrible at rolling leafs or swisher sweets. That’s why I just bought Cones and use those. So I can atleast smoke a joint that doesn’t look like a crinkled banana 😂

  • @1K_ if ya ever need a roller I've got decades of experience. Just send me a sample of your premo flower and I'll twist it up for you 😁

  • I straight up cheat at rolling js and use a machine and I got good at it a decade ago- handrolling is a waste of time for me. However those that do are very talented

  • I still have t-shirts with seed pop holes in it

  • I used to could roll a J with one hand. But that was 25 years ago lol
    Welcome @1K_ 👍🏼

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    Getting Loud’s freebie J’s turned me onto the raw cones..been using them for a bit. Bought the loader kit and it works nicely. I like having a filter too

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