Dry Herb Vaporizer

Are they worth the purchase? Better than joints? I’m just trying to see if they’re worth the investment. Thanks for the help!


  • I have a DC Gen 2. It works. Do I prefer over a joint? Naw… I would prefer rolling up and lighting up. It’s cool to have, but can be a bit much with all the cleaning and refilling… The taste is cool but you have to keep it constantly clean for that taste over and over again. I say joints or bong hits are the way to go…

  • @1K_ in OH where we have a medical cannabis program, flower can only be vaped. Combustion is illegal…not that it stops anyone. I have a couple dry flower vaporizers…both portable. I really like my PAX3. I’ve found vaping to provide a more flavorable, and slightly different experience with less lung irritation. As @LifeLong14 said, they need to be cleaned fairly regularly, but I don’t find it to be a problem. I also have a Mighty, but I don’t use it as much. I haven’t rolled a joint in decades, but I think I have some papers somewhere.🙂. I do smoke the occasional joint freebie when I get one. I probably use my PAX about half the time…split with my glass pipes and bubblers.

  • I got an Arizer a few months ago and I can’t get it to put out decent vapor. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I don’t think I am. Not real happy with the purchase.

  • Can't go wrong with a pax 2 and up with budkups, anything DaVinci, stortz and bitches, etc

    Puffitup and sneaky Pete's have sales all the time

  • PAX + Budkups = 👍

  • I have a desktop dry vape that is pretty awesome. It's so much easier on the lungs and it makes the flower last so much longer. But I still end up smoking my bong the majority of the time because old habits die hard.

  • Thank y’all for the information and suggestions!

  • @posternugbag get ddaves adapters they run about $16 it'll blow your mind on the difference between the stock cyclone bowl and Dave's bowls. @1k I own several herb vapes with my pax3 being my favorite. I vape over 90% of my flower, it's a learning curve for sure but your lungs will thank you. You can pick up a arizer EQ for around $100 and add the ultimate performance package with ddaves adapters $16. Good luck on your search and keep your head in the clouds 😁💚💨🍀

  • Recently upgraded to the pax 3 with budkups. Absolutely love it! I still prefer smoking via ignition, but vaping is a close 2nd

  • Anyone have any DNA mods they are liking? I’m looking to upgrade and am also looking at the DDave accessories but really not sure what to get

  • @TheProfessor what's their rationale behind outlawing combustion?

  • Apparently @TreesPlz, since it’s a medical program, those in control want to protect our lungs from the extreme heat and particulate byproducts of combustion.🙄. I vape, but I also continue to break the law!🤣

  • I got one of the Expensive ones when they first came out couldn't get the hang of it. I'm old school I guess. Hard to beat the Toker II Bong if you got big lungs and can take a long slow toke without frying your medicine.

  • "Apparently @TreesPlz, since it’s a medical program, those in control want to control more"

    fixed @TheProfessor :smiley:

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    Thanks @Sixwaychili, of course they do…I was talking about government, that was a given!😉. Having taught government for 30 years, I guess I’m just a little bit cynical.😎

  • I'm so much more cynical and it's hard to hide. lol

  • I have been using my old dynavap lately it was my first vaporizer and is the only non electric or battery vape. @TheProfessor my old dynavap sounds like the perfect ingestion method lol. It only takes a extra couple of seconds to achieve combustion..so it could just be a mistake 😁.

  • Interesting question @MNTDWLER.🧐. I’m not sure how they’d look at the Dynavap. I used to have an old Launch Box. That temperamental thing had to be watched carefully as it would combust easily. No temperature control…stir and shake!🤣

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    @TheProfessor yep same principle except the"vap" is heat wait for the two clicks and vape. Unless I really push it past the two clicks it won't combust. It's the same design as a dugout but with a cap. I have used it as a small pipe though and it works great..it does make cleanup a little harder. I need to get a new cap for mine, "it's gotten loose with age", there's nothing worse than having a 390-430° cap falling off in your lap 🤬. Vape till you Drape my MM family 💚💨🍀

  • @MNTDWLER how different is your experience between vaping and smoking a joint? I was a vapor for almost 11 years so when it came time to trying weed I had all the right equipment. But I found it to be quite different.

  • I get higher from vaping. Joints are quicker and more social

  • @antfuzz I find the high from smoking a joint to be a much faster buzz..but the vape high last longer and for me is more intense and cleaner. I do both but find myself vaping over 90% of my flowe. The difference is night and day when you compare the effects on my lungs. Since marijuana stimulates mucus production it'll trap all of the carbon and particulate matter from combustion in your lungs. The vape experience is much cleaner and doesn't leave me coughing up balls of rubber.

  • @antfuzz there is a big learning curve when you start vaping herb. I used a vap for nicotine for a few years, I stopped vaping nic liquid years ago when I got my first dry herb vape. It takes time to get your routine down and get the best cloud production no matter what vape you use. The biggest thing that I found is get the temperature that works best for you then long slow draws. You will notice that you get high even when you're not seeing huge clouds. Don't get me wrong one of my favorite methods of ingestion is my 11" recycler with a grav helix bowl. But for
    getting a good session in I prefer to vape. P.S. my wife hates vaping and pretty much sticks to a little 1 1/2" spoon pipe I picked up 20 years ago. So like I said it's what works best for you. Good luck my friend.

  • I would recommend stacking. I can take an edible and vape and the experience is fantastic. Makes it a progressively building 5 hour dose. You can also discretely stack edibles and vape cartridges to get a "real" high from the vape pen.

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