Blueberry Zkittlez

This has become an instant favorite for me. Tastes great, smells good, and gives a feeling of euphoria without being too fuzz headed. I would say it feels like a hybrid that leans a little Sativa. Typically I don’t like sativas because they can cause anxiety, but this is so clean and jolly I just loved it. Highly recommend.
For what it’s worth I like it better than the premium slurricane from Mama. Now I just hope I can get more!


  • Thanks! @PolkHighStar im savoring my last bit of indoor Sour Skittles from mama. Very similar effects. Will be on the look out for both 😎

  • Wish I felt the same. As always, YMMV.

    I came back to pick up a sack of shrooms so figured I’d add a zip of Wookiee Girl to the order. Got subbed with BBS and was instantly sad.

    I just don’t handle sativa well at all. WG was listed as a potent indy perfect for my anxiety struggles. The nugz were dry asf. The strain was first discussed here back in mid May, with no decent reports, mostly negative comments from what little I found. First puff burned my nostrils bad with a weird hit of “ammonia” that herb sometimes delivers. A week with boveda has helped some but I’m chalking this one off as a total miss 💸

    Edit: Yeah I know it’s my own fault. I should have said ‘no sats for subs’ with my order but I’ve never been subbed a sat for an indy in all my years buying here. Wish the inventory system would work closer to real-time but it is what it is. The 🍄 are outstanding though and that was my main mission.

  • Sorry to hear that @funkynugz. I wouldn't be able to handle Blueberry Zkittles either. It's very different than the Blue Zkittles that actually is an indica leaning hybrid. Up until it dropped off the menu, Blueberry Zkittles still had the Blue Zkittles (Indica) description. Maybe they thought it was an indica, idk. That sucks.

  • @TheProfessor shrug. Can’t really complain too hard. I’ve only had a few dud orders arrive over the years. When you buy a zip minimum at a time though a misstep or two can be financially and/or spiritually painful. I’ll move past it like I have before. Still appreciate having the plug so all good 👍

  • @funkynugz yeah I'm sorry my friend that was a disaster waiting to happen. I have Zkittlez and it's a surprise favorite of the year. I researched Zkittles and it was just something I knew would trigger problems. It sucks to get subbed especially when it comes in the form of a unwanted sativa. I hope I got all of the Z's and S's in the right place lol. Thanks for letting me know about the sub I'll be sure to write no sativa substitutions from now on. Much love my friend 💚💨🍀

  • Agreed @funkynugz. I've been extremely lucky with just a couple lackluster ounces over the years, but nothing I couldn't still use. Like you, I don't make small purchases, usually a two-ounce split plus add-ons...and I am keenly aware and prepared for the inevitable "misstep." I try to include "Please Substitute Indica Only!" but we all know that's not a sure thing either. I will be more diligent and more specific in future orders!

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