New orders after 7/16

Has anyone ordered anything after the break? I ordered some from med mama Friday afternoon and haven’t seen a shipping label created or anything.

I hate sounding like I’m rushing because normally they’re awesome, just curious and jonesing :)


  • Reminder that mail will only be going out today for anything placed Friday - Sunday. Closed Saturdays and no mail Sundays.

  • Yes, yesterday

  • Good deal I placed a order Friday and last night Louds menu sounded to good 👍 lol and I ordered some waffle cone cause it sounded amazing just in the waiting game now. But I know we will all be taken care of so no worries.

  • @medboy - Hope you had a good vacation. Did you bring us any souvenirs? :wink:

  • My ID just showed up for it overnight. Thanks for the reply

  • Looks like Loud ships on Wednesdays

  • I placed an order the friday before the break. I recieved one package that took awhile. My other package was labeled lost and was reshipped. Hopefully my meds get restocked good.

  • Lately ive been relying on a cheap $10 vape pen. 98%zkittles half gram cartridge goes a very long ways.

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