Wedding Cake

I forgot to write the split for wedding cake and Mars landing, and got a full zip of wedding cake, which is absolutely ok with me!!



  • Going to see what others say about Mars before I go back for more wedding cake.

  • Good stuff?

    You can always tell when I am out. I start searching the forums for pictures of bud LOL

  • Phenomenal stuff @OzBaxter. I love anything that has that sweet and sour taste too it. The buds are sticky as shit! Sorry just realized I put the same photo up twice, must be stoned lol

  • Nice! @Rubygirl816 I was supposed to get mine today but hopefully tomorrow. Looks straight ⛽️

  • Beautiful @Rubygirl816! Thank you for the pics!

  • Yep @Moochy thats mamas wedding cake, excellent

  • @Rubygirl816 mamas premium ss is on a whole different level as far as flavor and aroma, how does this wc compare?

  • SS was one of my favorites, from mama @Fallguy, If I had to choose, definitely SS, but wedding cake is right up there with it. Also, have you tried mamas slurricane? I have to tell you it was different from the last batch she had, maybe it was indoor or outdoor, but the premium was a really great smoke, relaxed from head to toe and the flavor, I liked better than wedding cake, to be honest.

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    Have you tried Mars landing @Fallguy thats the best of them all, in my opinion

  • Wedding cake is a good daytime smoke, Mars and slurricane, when you don’t have to do anything else for the day, lol.

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    @Rubygirl816 thank you for replying so fast. For me SS is a daytime smoke and I love the addictive flavor it keep me coming back for more, I'm panicking cause I'm under a half oz. I'll try the slurricane.

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    @Rubygirl816 Agreed! The Mars Landing was certainly one of the hardest hitting strains of the year! Definitely one of my surprise favorites!
    @Fallguy SS is definitely a daytime smoke for me and probably my all time favorite. I’m well under a 1/4 myself, but I have similar strains to get me through to the next SS drop. Bacio bumps similar profiles into the afternoon and evening, but ML is definitely a nighttime heavy hitter!

  • @TheProfessor with mama retiring there will not be a "next drop". This is why its time to panic

  • Ahh, I wouldn’t worry too much @Fallguy Loud has had excellent SS before and despite coming from the NW, I’ve always gotten my packages. Besides, I’m hoping for good things from the new shipper and would expect to see SS on a semi regular basis. It’s a very popular strain!

  • @Rubygirl816 gotta agree, the wedding cake is a fantastic wake and bake for me. And on the point of mom's premium sunset sherbert, I'm like you and the @TheProfessor it's a all time favorite that I'm hoarding until the next drop..or the end of October when my outdoor SS will be ready. 🤞

  • Does loud do an outdoor ss?

  • @Fallguy both shippers have had outdoor Sunset Sherbet in the past! Some fine outdoor cannabis!😎

  • so if you got subbed for mars landing why is it still up I just order an oz of it so does that mean I
    will not get mars landing dam!!!!!!

  • @cmweems1964 I don't think @Rubygirl816 requested Mars Landing and got subbed...I think (and she can confirm) that she checked Wedding Cake and wanted to split it with ML, but forgot to write it in the comment section, so all she got was WC. Sounds like she got some ML later.😎

  • Ah i seee thank ya!!!! phewww was hoping to catch some got subbed for the hindu kush this week and was hoping that was not subbed

  • I hope you get some @cmweems1964! The Mars Landing is one of the best strains I’ve ever had from Medicineman!

  • Exactly @TheProfessor i forgot to write Mars on that order, but did get some Mars later. I also ordered a second zip of it, that’s supposed to be coming tomorrow. In the comments, I did write this time (I take pics of my orders, memory not too good) if you don’t have enough for whole zip of Mars, split it with wedding cake. I will let you know what I end up getting @cmweems1964.

  • Got a zip of wedding cake coming this week. Guess it will be my last mama order 😔 since medboy said they’re stopping orders on 8/31.I’m thinking that’s when the new shipper will go live. Was hoping we’d get a few more weeks of Mama on the board but seems like it’s time to move onward. Looking forward to seeing some new strains up (though I’m probably good for a little bit).

  • We screenshot every order @Rubygirl816! Our 2 oz split of Pound Cake and Ice Cream Cake came this afternoon! Both are a little dry, but the Pound Cake is really nice! Of course, wasn’t expecting anything less as a Sunset Sherbet cross! I’m sure going to miss Medmama’s medicine!😕

  • Jelly on yo split

  • 😁 @MikeyC! Was kinda surprised that they were all good size buds considering the clearance sale. The ICC is getting a little Boveda help (actually they all get it), but I'll leave it alone for a few days. I wasn't surprised that our carts weren't in the package, but we still have two preshipment labels sitting out there, all from the same order. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • 0 labels for far from ma and my label from loud is getting dusty from Friday with 0 movement.

  • All labels from ma are now moving- in fact all but 1 ma was delivered. Loud is most likely missing so we shall see if I ever get the sfv og kush that is fire

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