Gelato 41

this strain is BOMB... I really really like strains that get you stoned but at the same time clear-headed, I felt very content, peaceful, happy and social with this strain. I think this strain is good during the day, energy levels are the same but my well-being and relaxation was greatly accentuated. I grabbed this because of good reviews of Gelato generally so thanks a lot!


  • You should try Allen wrench

  • I have some Gelato 41 on the way! Huge fan of Gelato.

  • Also known as Bacio Gelato. Still have a bit left from last time. And yeah, it's awesome.

  • Yeah @Sixwaychili I still have a little bit left! We eventually got 3 oz of that fine Bacio this year and have just under a 1/4 left.😕 I'm in hoarding mode now.

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    Yes, I'm down to a hoard's worth of bacio also. It's the bomb Rx. It's my Precious.

  • I just got my Allen Wrench today and it was exactly what I was looking for in a daytime strain. I was very pleased. Just searched to see what other people thought about it lol @MikeyC

  • Yeah- sfv og kush was also awesome as was alien orange cookies and jungle punch for daytime.

  • @TheProfessor you must be keeping records to know what you’ve bought? Very organized.

  • Well he is "The Professor" aside from organized I picture them leather patches on his jackets elbows.

  • @Fallguy I do have 6-8 sport coats with leather patches in the elbows!🤣. Can’t wait until fall…it’s still a bit hot for tweed! I’m just somewhat organized! I don’t really keep records @leaf, but I still have a pretty good memory (for now😁)! I generally write on my jars the what, when, and from, that’s about it. I do have a lot of variety and volume though.😎. Must be my anxiety!😁🧐

  • Greenhouse Gelato 41- @medmama

    Just wanna thank the mail gods as this said it was delivered Saturday but didn't get it til today.

    Sorry for the bad pic, was just excited! The aroma is dank, filled up my whole living room. Taste amazing too. The buds were small to medium sized, ranging from forest green to purple & dusted with frost.

    The high for me is great! Clear headed & focused. Then slowly I feel more & more relaxed from head to toe. Just quality stuff, & for the price you just can't go wrong. You'll be missed @medmama, thank you for the great service over these years!

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    Beautiful buds @ChunksEggo8187 those look nice and sticky. The Gelato I received is very similar in quality for greenhouse..outstanding cannabis! Very happy your package arrived 😎

  • It's more slow for me

  • @superman38NC Appreciate it! At work, I couldn't focus on shit because I was wondering if the pack was delivered.

  • Nice @ChunksEggo8187! I have an oz of 41 and a bunch of concentrates coming in my final medmama order. Looks great…and the price!😁🧐

  • @TheProfessor Nice! 😎 Of course I wanted to get more but I still have stuff from the 4/20 sale. Told myself to just calm down. But then I go get 1/2 of Dutch Treat from loud. 🤡

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    I can imagine @ChunksEggo8187 I'm the same way. My mail runs fairly early so I don’t have to wonder all day. I had a package once say it was delivered but didn’t come to the next day. No stress right?! 🤪 you came to mind when I saw Dutch Treat..hope it delivers! Looking forward to your review

  • Our final "last" Medmama order (I'm still working on two missing carts from the first "last" Medmama order 🤣) arrived today! I was pleasantly surprised that we got our ounce of greenhouse Gelato 41 without it being subbed, as well as 4gs of Forbidden Fruit Kief (love that stuff)! Unfortunately the 4gs of Gelato wax were subbed for 2gs of MAC wax and 2gs of Kashmir Kush wax. They'll still be good! I quickly ground and smoked a small bud of the 41 before sitting down to's really really good! So good that I think I'm going to have to do a little comparison with Mama's premium Bacio from Summer. This may have been one of my "best buys!"

  • @TheProfessor I agree, definitely has been my "best buy" considering I only spent $105 for 1/2 oz.
    Mama's Bacio was a bit more sedating for me than this batch.

  • I think the ounce was only $180???😁 Definitely an amazing buy! I agree @ChunksEggo8187, after a couple rounds of 41 I hit a bowl of Mama's Bacio from June...yeah, I don't find it so much more sedating, but it definitely hits so much harder!😎 And its still so sticky!🤣 The 41 is kinda like premium BC lite, but worth every penny! I'm going to be hitting this exceptional greenhouse Gelato 41 regularly while I continue to hoard what I have left of the truly premium Bacio Gelato.😁😎🧐

  • They subbed the gelato sorbet with more wedding cake- amazing

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