Mamas Outdoor Master Kush

Holy hell these nugs are huge!! My hands are not small!! The beautiful, delicious skunky smell filled my home. Yumm!! Y’all know… that excited first sniff after cracking open that zip locked bag. Oh so nice. Just inhaled a little slice of Heaven !! Review coming soon. Check out these pics.


  • I ordered a split ounce of Master Kush and Sweet tooth OG on Friday and I am so glad to hear that the master kush is that good. How long did it take for it to get shipped to you?

  • @LilWitchyGrl 4 days. West Coast to Southeast US.

  • Yeah I'm getting itchy to see that planetary landing happen in post receptacle that was done Fri evening, know it could be few days so try remain calm lol congrats on those green monsters they look tasty and damn got it to you with the quickness that's nice congrats

  • How’s the high?

  • What is this high you speak of? Aren't these all NFTs!?

  • So sorry y’all. She’s been tearing up those concentrates lately so I needed her to not be high from them. And then smoke this insanely fat bud.

    She finally did and she loved it. Big head type buzz that melted into full body relaxation. She could still function quite well so it wasn’t total couch lock but she said it was a great buzzy head high. The skunky smell is wild. I love the smell. I bury my face in it and it’s like sniffing nirvana!! Lol. There’s probably not much left of anything on mamas menu so get it while you can. She has tolerance that’s to the moon and this still F’d her up.

  • Arrived today! stoked to smoke!

  • got some master and hindu... both were good!

  • tried the discount outdoor master kush. I don't mind smoking it at all but only after I'm done grinding for the day. I would smoke indica during the day if I didn't have anything else to do but that's just me I helps alot with post-workout aches and it helps me fall asleep faster and I see I sleep a bit more with this bud. effects I don't mind at all

  • Definitely has a potent smell that I can’t totally place but have smelled before. Pinene?

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