Informed delivery

Haven’t seen this discussed in a few days.
Always been a little smug with my deliveries on time.
But now, I ordered a large order from MM because of their sale, and it shows a label created a week earlier. After several days, still nothing else. Oh well, the joys of waiting.....


  • Fri night to Fri afternoon for my last and decent haul but label didn't show till right before the goods did

  • I ordered on the 30th. No label until the 2nd. Says I'll get it the 7th. I'd say mama had a lot of orders. Also labor day. I finally got a order in for two Oz's to CC. Doing a little Christmas shopping before the price hike.

  • My order was the largest by far that I have made. Because of the sale. I think I ordered on the 28th. Label appeared and was dated the 20th. Now that label doesn’t show at all. Weird. Should I worry? As paranoia sets in.

  • @leaf I wouldn't worry at all. I've had weird stuff like that happen. Been ordering since 2017 never a problem that @medboy didn't make right. Informed Delivery is mostly buggy. I've seen it where the label said it was created a few days after I ordered and show up the next day. It's all good at medicine Man

  • I agree. Never had a problem. Not worried.

  • Unfortunately for me I've learned exactly when labels mean the package is lost. Experience

  • Huge let down yesterday, had 2 packages out for delivery (1 from here & 1 eBay). Ebay one was delivered @ 2pm so I was thinking both got delivered. A big NOPE...then 5 hours later medma's pack shows delivered....nothing. Usps gets on my fucking nerves.
    This has happened to me before & usually the next day its in my mailbox, but with this long weekend, probably not gonna see it until Tuesday. And if it doesn't come, I'm shit outta luck since it states "delivered"

  • @ChunksEggo8187 that sucks and I’ve had that happen to me, but it did get delivered the next day. Mailman does it to cover his ass for not delivering it. Let us know if it shows Tuesday!

  • @Rubygirl816 Thanks for the encouraging words. Hopefully it shows, I know these guys have quotas to meet.

  • Of course my package showed up, but, for the first time, didn’t show on informed delivery. Oh well. Life is good.

  • @leaf hopefully mine does the same, ordered on the 31st, nothing showing on informed delivery

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