Favorite Full Vape Carts and Why

Just wanna know about some of the exotic fun sounding vape carts and how they feel.


  • Super jack, would recommend

  • Granddaddy purple for the zZzzz

  • For a sativa-dominant strain, I enjoy XJ13. I would like to know what are favorite indica-dominance strains. Currently looking at Wedding Cake.

  • I don't think there is any difference between them except for taste.

  • I think @Sixwaychili hit the nail on the head. I haven’t noticed the difference, except taste.

  • GSC, wedding cake, headband, SS all have the same effects for me.

  • I think it's all the same. I can't tell a Indica from a sativa. I got a Jack H and Granddaddy Purple and the effect to me was the same nothing like the flower being smoked or vaporized. The taste was different JH more piney GDP was fruity.

  • Maybe i shud just stick to flower and my magic flight launch box... vapes are just so damn convenient!!!

  • Blue dream, sour diesel and green crack are the best vapes I’ve had from mm.

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    Vapes are convenient. Here's how it was put to me that makes sense, "carts are the frozen tv dinners of the cannabis industry". I have not tried the live resin carts, from the reviews they may be closer to the effects of flower.

  • Got subbed OG Lime carts for something else..... Fantastic taste.

  • The only way that the different vapes could be different is if the terpenes that are added to the 88% pure THC are cannabis-derived. It does not say that they are, so I would not assume it.

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