Chemdawg from new vendor

Was wondering if anyone else had ordered Chemdawg from Cannabis Club? When I saw it on the menu got excited for one of my favorite strains. It arrived and had that super green hay smell like it was harvested too soon. Also super fluffy and not sticky at all. Its ok if you can get past the taste. Maybe it is just a one off. Their menu looks awesome and I do wish them success.


  • The chemdawg I received from cannabis club left much to be desired.  It's a bummer for sure.  Better luck next time.

  • See i got some berry kush from them that i felt was real green no smell and thought it was immature.

  • I got Durban and Green Cush. The highs are strong, but you can tell it's more of commercial grow. I can taste the chemical nutrients. I'm sticking with @LoudnCo on the premiums. You can taste, see, and feel the organic difference. The new shipper may get better. It's hard to beat @LoudnCo flower.

  • i can't smoke the Durban without sneezing my ass off. Not sure what that's about. It's beautiful and it worked but something in it makes me sneeze

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    @JelfSpicoli . Yep deff- not flushed right . I have to agree loud untill they can possibly get something up to standard

  • Looks like medman needs to find a different shipper if that's their standard!

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    That sneezing is exactly why I love loud flower. I never sneeze or get irritated from loud.

    If I sneeze from the green cush I'm converting the bud to edibles so it's all good. I like green cush but am mr sneezy over here.

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    The Shipper should know if one of their cannabis strains has not been flushed properly...and should remove it off the menu....Otherwise a RED FLAG ....KUDOS to LOUD & MEDICINE MAN for their quality control efforts since the beginning !

  • Man I miss Mama so bad already!!

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    The "hay" smell is typically a drying/curing issue. By checking the trichomes you can tell when it was harvested (late/early). Grab a magnifying glass and report back.

  • It's hard to smoke CC's stuff in a bong and even when you vaporize it you can tell it's no where near the quality of @LoudnCo really harsh throat rape. All fairness I never order anything but premium flower. I think I've ordered indoor a couple of times, but don't remember it being that harsh.

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